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Graphics bug in bases, wrong wall texture being called


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I'm not sure how this went so long without being reported/corrected, probably the bystander effect, maybe just that nobody's dug up the relevant file paths before. But anyway it's getting properly reported, in detail, now:

The "Industrial" style option in the Short Ceiling Walls category shows up purple instead of its intended color because the game is calling the bump map instead of the diffuse map, as shown in these screenshots.




This is definitely not intentional. I have done some digging in the game files, and the correct diffuse texture does exist, it's just being replaced by the wrong one. The path for the correct texture, the diffuse map, is texture_library/WORLD/V_CoV/Bases/Bases_stlfac02/bases_stfac02_upper_wall_40_master.texture, but the ingame model displays the bump map, texture_library/WORLD/V_CoV/Bases/Bases_stlfac02/bases_stfac02_upper_wall_40_master_bump.texture instead. I cannot tell if the two have been completely transposed and the diffuse map is being called as a bump map too, or if the bump map is mistakenly doing double duty. Adding custom colors works correctly, but it retains a purple cast to whatever colors are added. It'd be nice to actually be able to use this texture in bases without an unintended mandatory purple tint.





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