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Inspirations fail to drop


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This was an odd one I'd never seen before. I had taken a character back to my base, and was going to sell the enhancements that had dropped, but mouseo'd and clicked on a Luck inspiration. What was odd is that, despite being in the bottom row of the character's inspirations, the inspiration above it didn't fall down to the bottom row, the way it does when you use an inspiration from the bottom row, which left a hole at the F2 position:


The hovering CaB stayed there despite moving around, and pressing F2 caused it to drop to the bottom row, but it's still odd that selling the inspiration didn't cause the one above it to drop.

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This happened to me a few weeks back. I did a click on the INS when my cat jumped into my lap. She hit my arm and the mouse  slipped across the screen at the same time I left clicked. 

After, The top INS would pop back into place if I tried to move it. If I clicked it it would disappear then pop back. 

The game eventually corrected itself. Not so sure this is a bug as much as incorrect communication between the game and my computer. 

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