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Regarding the Mini-Costume Request, a clarification

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Sorry if I gave the wrong impression in my previous suggestion post.
I'm not asking the Mini-Costume be scrubbed in favor of a proportional version. The Baby New Year/Funko Pop/Bobbleheads are very cute and they look awesome on some characters.
I'd just like to have the option of a smaller version of a character which is exactlly that; a smaller version of the character with the same proportions, like the "immature" Paragon Protectors.
Perhaps this could be accomplished simply by letting our size sliders go to the same size as the Mini, say, one foot in height?
On a similar note, "giant" characters could go to the same height as Incarnate Longbow or Banished Pantheon lore pets. This would let them be big but still operate in caves and small tunnels.
If the slider suggestion is just a cosmetic change and would not affect gameplay it seems like an easy modification, but it's one I'd still be happy to have to spend Aether to get.
Thanks for listening, Admins and Devs!

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