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Star Dancers anniversary celebration contest


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Almost one year ago, Star Dancers ( STARDANCERS-22629 , open every Monday evening) began dance club operations on board the Star Chaser. Several preliminary shows through the month of December 2021 led to the show on January 3rd, that started what has been a year of out of this world entertainment!


As we approach the one year anniversary, we're proud to announce a celebration competition, giving you all the chance to become part of Star Dancer history!


The staff uniforms have become arguably as iconic as the dance club itself, but the future doesn't belong to people living in the past. We're 
looking forward, as we announce a costume competition until the end of the year. This won't be a standard contest, where you dress
up. What we're looking for is for you to submit ideas for a redesign of our costumes, which we will then wear into the new year. We commit 
to at least six months of active weekly use, at which point we will relax regulations, and allow staff to make adjustments as desired, or even
switch off, back to the classic uniforms.


A Grand Prize winner will be selected by Star Dancers staff. The grand prize winner will be contacted, and we will work with the winner to 
confirm the parts list of the costume items, and color schemes, to be wearing their design, going forward. The winner will also be credited
in crier bios and discord channel announcements.


You can draw ideas from the entire history of science fiction. From The Rocketeer, to Buzz Lightyear. From Buck Rogers, to Duck Dodgers.
Flash Gordon, Dr. Who, Ziggy Stardust, Star Trek, the Matrix, Firefly... the sky's the limit. Or even designs that don't conform to science fiction
tropes. Whatever looks good, even if it doesn't capture a sci-fi esthetic, if it's eye catching enough for the staff of the club, we're happy to 
consider it.


So get your research and development facilities going, and turn in your ideas! You might just be seeing the crew at Star Dancers rocking your designs through the next year!




Basic rules:


- Please no body adjustments! Costume changes only. Leave that boob slider alone, folks. Sorry. Also, some staff have wings, tails, etc, so please don't make a costume that mandates a lack of these items. If the costume clips badly against wings, tails or ears, we reserve the right to make small adjustments.


- Please don't cover our faces! We want to maintain some degree of personal recognizability and individuality. So helmets or hats are allowed, but
please don't use masks or anything that would cover staff faces. Hair styles are allowed, if it is stipulated that is an integral part of the costume.


- Please leave us our modesty! We're looking for costumes that cover / reveal about as much as the current ones do, (See attached image (or better yet, visit the club!)) so no bikini designs, please. No exposed midriffs, etc. Ideally a full body shirt of some type, and a skirt combination, and some sort of boot. Short sleeves, short skirts, all good. Just don't make anything overly revealing. We're not that kind of club.


- Please no auras! Just the costume items themselves, please. We don't want to be explaining why it looks like we're on fire, all year long, as we try
to do our jobs.


Other than that, any style, any color palate, have fun being creative!


(Note: While most of our staff are female humanoid, we do have male, gigantic, and draconic staffers as well, so accounting for alternate body types will go a long way toward helping us get a better idea of your costume vision. Multiple pictures, angles, poses, or character pictures are allowed!)




Contest format:


Contest is open from now, through Monday, January 2nd, 2023. At the start of the club shift, 8 PM eastern time, entries will no longer be accepted.

You are allowed multiple entries, but please mention if a subsequent entry is a modification of a previous one, or if it's a separate entry.

Entries will then be displayed to staff, and a winner will be chosen, announced, and they will be contacted as soon as possible, to coordinate working with them on updating the staff uniforms. All entries will be made available to be displayed, somewhere, somehow, so you can see what the other ideas were.




Contest entry:


- Make a costume in game, on a character, yours or just a temporary, and take a screenshot. Either of the costume creator, or finished, and in game, as long as it's a good view of the costume.


- Upload that screenshot, showing the character in costume, to an internet picture storehouse. Imgur, instagram, twitter, ect. 


- Send a link to the screenshot to: 


in game email, (not tells, please)





Discord DM

 Frost Fox#3383


Be sure to include your in-game @global with the mail or DM, and if this is a stand-alone costume, or an adjustment to a previous one.


I (the sucker soon to be deluged with messages...) will do everything I can to respond to each one, telling you it's been received, as soon as I'm 
able to see the picture the link points to, and put it in the staff discord, for judging.


After that, stand by, and hope for the best. You might just end up part of Star Dancer history.


We at Star Dancers wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season, and look forward to seeing you all in the year(s) to come!


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