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  1. You can read the Incarnate section of my Dark Miasma guide (link in my signature) for a decent overview. Most of it should carry over regardless of secondary support set.
  2. Sorry, I realize that I avoided the direct question... But yes, I found that Big Bot didn't get the OF proc. So he gets SA. Not a real issue as I prefer OF in the T1s, as mentioned 🙂🙂
  3. It's a solid power, I agree. Has a clone in Nature Affinity. I enjoy them on both sets. Huge radius, so easy to keep things in it without necessarily being in melee.
  4. It's worked well for me, on Battle Drones, Zombies, Demonlings and Thugs. 🤫🙃
  5. Overwhelming Force damage/KD proc in Battle Drones. It gives them a high chance of knock down with all three firing. Sudden Acceleration KB2KD converter in Assault Bot, for reasons given by posters 🙂
  6. Yes... Bigger... Guns...😳😁😎 Oh wait, erm yeah... Legacy weapons. Yep!😌
  7. I really like these. For Negative Fusion, would you tell me what pieces form the helmet and which aura you used, please? 🙂🙂
  8. Hey, watch where ya point those things! 😳😁
  9. PS - only get Provoke if you are building specifically for Tanker MInding. That's a whole other ball of wax, and for that I'd also dip into Fighting Pool and other things. I don't typically Tankermind myself these days I find the pets are tough enough I don't need to and I personally don't like that playstyle any more, but its certainly a viable option.
  10. I agree with @fitzsimmons build for Ranged Defense and use a Resist Shield of your favorite flavor. Personally, I like Mu for 'Bots because you can also get access to a small radius Immobilize that has -KB built into it (so you can lock in the most important target and keep him from being blow out of burn patches). Make sure to add the two +Global Defense IOs into your resist shield, adds +6 DEF vs ALL for yourself, which stacks nicely with Protector Bots bubble, Maneuvers, Hover/CombatJump. Definitely the pet IOs. You can fit 3 in there rather comfortably with the Overwhelming Force IO in the three little bots. I'd put 2 of the Pet Defense IOs in Prot Bots, since they are lower damage and trying to buff their Defense / Heals is not worth it, in my opinion. The other 4 slots can be used to get them to 84.4% To Hit, Damage with frankent-slotting. Put one Defense IO in the Little Bots, and the other 4 slots to get them up like Prot Bots. Eventually put the level 50 15% Resist IO into Big Bot plus a Sudden Accel. KB to KD converter for him. The other 4 slots to get him to 84.4% Acc/Dam/EndRedux. You can up the damage on each to 9x% by swapping out frankenslotting and reducing EndRedux to 6x%, but I find for long battles I prefer more EndRedux. Its your call. I can toss out a build for you, but it might take a few days as I'm pretty busy this weekend. Let me know. I like the idea of Bots/Rad, and I think the pair of them will play nicely together. Oh, don't forget a Lockdown +2MAG Hold proc in Choking Cloud. It will take care of most minions and some Lts fairly well. I use it all the time on my Ill/Rad Controller and only need to stack holds on Bosses while Choking Cloud does admirably in Lts/Minions.
  11. Shield/Martial Arts. Looks great with all the kicks, shield adds so much goodness, and Tanker MA has a solid AoE and a parry ability. Only wish Shield's mez resistance wasn't a clicky. But that's a small quibble. Character has great health, solid defense and appreciable resistances. I specced out of Aid Self as a result, never need it.
  12. Force Redux

    Pet Names

    For my Beasts mastermind, Tween Titan, who is Greek mythology-themed: Lycaonian Beast (Dire Wolf) Nemean Lioness Nemean Lionesse Stygian Hound Lethean Hound Acheronean Hound
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