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  1. @Jayhawk I'm very pleased to hear that you are really enjoying the build! If you make any tweaks or have future feedback post them here πŸ™‚
  2. Demons/Dark: control and debuff things into mewling kittens, heal when necessary, do evil laugh emotes!
  3. Just going to add that my DP/Nin is one of e favorite characters. Style is solid and performance is reasonable.
  4. Love this... Also, happy birthday @ToxinFox
  5. Nothing to add, some great answers above πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ»
  6. One is my favorite sets....☺️
  7. @HachiMan2015 hi Hachi, here's how I would build Beast/Dark. I like two attacks since it helps build up Pack Mentality faster. With Fortify Pack you have an extra 23% global defense with 5 stacks, which easily soft caps pets. I put the KD IO into Lionesses since Wolves have their own in their inherent attacks. Dire Wolf gets %BuildUp. Plenty of room to customize it. All six special Pet IOs and pets are close to or capped on their Attack/Damage, with extra EndRedux for Lionesses and Dire Wolf, since they like to chew their blue bar. Have fun! Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero
  8. Hi Hachi, my weekend proved a little busy, but your request is not forgotten. Bear with me a couple days.
  9. I'll review and comment later this weekend πŸ™‚
  10. Hi! I'm glad you found the post useful πŸ™‚! The attacks are good for building stacks of pack mentality, I recommend at least one of them. You can fit in all six unique IOs into the three pet summoning powers with creative slotting, but concentrate on the Defense ones first. I can try to post a build later this weekend if you like.
  11. White it's not a competitive set, any MM set is playable through all content. One of my first CoV characters (Crimson Commando, an Arachnos special forces) was a Mercs/Traps, long before IOs. I took it to 50 and had a good time. If you enjoy it, play it. People swear by Fire/Kin Controllers so I tried it again, got to Incarnate Alpha, and let it go. I just didn't click with the sets. What you enjoy is what you will play. Not always what is the meta. Try it, see for yourself. Coyote's suggestion for traps is my pick too.
  12. Not gonna lie, even now this brings a tear to my eyes...
  13. I'd recommend Mu Mastery as well: Both +Def IOs slotted. Maneuvers Hover/Cbt Jumping Stealth Farsight Go for Ranged Defense IO set bonuses. Things in melee get debuffed from Time's Juncture so don't have to cap Melee.. Capped Ranged, + solid resists vs most common damage (S/L/E) + heals + regen + debuffs (ToHit, slows) + Ember Demon aura = one tough cookie. If you have the room you could go Fighting Pool but I think that's overkill for most builds.
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