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  1. MM pets do inherit the proc from the interface powers. I've never liked the low mag or low duration of the confuse. Have you checked your combat log?
  2. Nice suggestion. I keep forgetting about the new pool powers myself. Almost anything could work here. After all, I can farm at reasonable (for a non brute) rate on my Bots/FF/Mu at +2/x8. Not as quickly or at +4 like my Thugs/Time/Mu, but it's more relaxing and can get the job done. Plus I enjoy the visuals, concept and safety of the build. YMMV, but the beauty part of CoH is that it's highly idiomatic and much if it is what you make it it. After all, there's this high Veteran level Empathy/Fire defender on Everlasting who absolutely solo wipes TF mobs and blows away my expectations on the times I've been grouped up.
  3. FF + Mace PB will keep your Mercs alive the best at the cost of being rather one dimensional. With pets' lower base hit points and Mercs' poor resists (unlike demons), they don't have much to build off of, so you might as well aim to boost Def to avoid them taking damage in the first place. FF does offer area denial as you mentioned. That can help the mostly ranged set. The further away the targets, the more likely the Mercs' cones will capture targets. For attacks, a procced out Force Bolt can be useful not just for KB, but can add some damage, too. If you don't go Mace, however, then I would recommend Cold (although it may be you have already used it and care not to repeat). You'd pick up defense of course, plus some resists, stealth, debuffs and some replacement soft control. And Infrigerate is also procable. Cold will keep you a bit more busy than FF if that helps in your gameplay Call them snow troopers for theme.
  4. Sounds fun @r0y, I'll have to put this in my future alt list!
  5. Maneuvers is great for MMs for extra Def. It's a terrific power, in general, and I take it on all my characters regardless of AT. I don't take temporal selection usually, unless I'm swimming in power choices. Time can get a little clicky if you also add hasten and destiny (typically Clarion) to Farsight. But MMs can typically get away without hasten IMO.
  6. Yes, you can easily move characters at the character select screen. Welcome back hero! 🙂
  7. Gonna leave my thank you here, Veracor. You've helped quite a few of my characters get their Hami badges 🙂🙂
  8. Any toggle has a low proc chance unfortunately. Focused accuracy is very end expensive. Always take tactics if you can, instead. Personally I take tactics not for the accuracy so much as for the debuff resistance (I e., Arachnos widows, etc).
  9. Leadership works on pets just as it does for teammates. It's my opinion that every MM should have the Leadership pool, taking Maneuvers and Tactics at the very least, and Assault and Vengeance is there is room in the build. Leadership is a force multiplier and the MM is the class that can make best use of it when going solo. PSA: the Gaussian % for Build Up procs poorly in your Tactics. Only slot it there if you are going for the six piece defense bonus to boost your MMs defenses.
  10. "That's what she said!" 😀😛 #icouldntresist #overusedmemes #mycatmademedoit
  11. Gives new meaning to the phrase "if looks could kill"
  12. The extra -ToHit will provide a buffer against foes with high accuracy or defense debuffs. But there is always a 5% chance to get hit no matter what you stack. What it can do, however is get you closer to the iCap when you are in Incarnate trials, though many of the AVs while resist the debuffs, as will the purple patch. TLDR: yes, it helps close the gap, but there is still a ceiling.
  13. No, not a current build, but I do have an older one in Mid's. Drop the the Steadfast and Gladiator defense procs in the armor. Grab electric fence for immob. I used to be a huge Mace/Scorpion Shield fan, a also PB, but I realized these were unnecessary for my MMs. Plus the Web Envelope is too slow to activate and doesn't have the -KB like Electric Fence does. And the less clicks the better, so no Power Boost. If I get time I'll try to post a more current build. Or at least a screenshot of the powers.
  14. Energy shield. Color customization looks great, and you can make it very bright or pretty dim ...
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