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    Something to note. Bots/FF exemplars down very well. I'd you do any lower level content on a regular basis where you don't have access to your 40+ level powers/Incarnates, this is a good thing.
  2. I'd go Mercs/Time/Mace as suggested by Redlynn. PB'd Farsighted is 21% defense. Add in maneuvers and pet IOs and you're at 35 Defense Melee/Ranged, 50 AoE. Then the -ToHit from Juncture, plus slows, and Mercs will feel pretty safe. Exactly how many of the +Res IOs you can squeeze in depends on how much you want to sacrifice your pet slotting further. I had a Mercs/Traps as my main villain back in the day. It was serviceable. I eventually went to Bots/FF. But this was before IOs. And Incarnate. And Time. Live the dream. Your Mercs can be solid.
  3. I haven't forgotten this post. I loaded up your build, and overall, it looks solid. A few slot changes I might make (i.e., PPF should never have more than 1 slot IMO), but I realize this is personal pref. I also would tend to go Leadership over Fighting, but again, that's a preference style. The biggest change I might reccommend is for Mace Mastery to cap your S/L/E defense and thus freeing you up to take something else for your Destiny pool other than Barrier. Again, you have a solid build and this is liekly just a preference from my end. If you wanted to accomplish a tough blaster with plenty of knockdown, you accomplished it. I'll post some slot / IO suggestions later. Overall, however, looks great.
  4. As an avid lover of Force Field, I'd love to review and offer some feedback. I have my own FF/Sonic Incarnated +3 Defender that I love. I feel you. I'll get a post up tomorrow if that's ok.
  5. Welcome to Everlasting! You can find me on my chars. Global in my sig 🙂
  6. Unfortunately, robots only cast forcefield and heals on each other, not other players. They will bubble (but not heal) the MM though.
  7. You'll end up pulling aggro.
  8. We have quite a few on Everlasting. Many are affiliated with Chaos United. Multiple runs every day.
  9. As a villain/rogue, I approve of this post, and found it useful. Thank you.
  10. A great form of mitigation and crowd control
  11. I also like to put an overwhelming Force knockdown proc in the zombies. It goes off frequently and they can really keep things knock down the rear ends
  12. Definitely put a Clouded Senses damage proc in Lich (and Dark Fluffy if you go DM). It affects virtually all their powers and will up their damage.
  13. In my experience, the Necro pets behave well. Zombies and Knights start at range, then move into melee. Lich stays at range. He'll often be behind you as you position near melee to heal and debuff (on my Dark). I've heard that the Knights can get range locked into Gloom or whatever, and needed a Go-to prompt, but I've never experienced it. Having played Bots, Necro, Mercs, and Thugs extensively, my opinion is that Necro pets are the best behaved and predictable of those sets.
  14. Tossing my vote in for FF. Bubble every two mins, shoot at things with primary. Go even lazier: Robot FF Mastermind. Let the bots shoot for you. 😃😃😃
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