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  1. Holler at me in game if I'm free I'll team redside. My global is in my signature
  2. Is anyone aware how to get one's chat entries to look like this? Where it lets folks know your global and your SG? Especially useful for Coalition Chat...? [Coalition] ((MySGName)GlobalName) CharacterName:
  3. When it's up, yes. Noticable particularly on smaller teams or solo. In big steamrolling teams, not much is going to be noticed. I actually like to go with Assault with a mix of both damage bonus and double hit, especially if I think I'm on positions where I might hit the damage cap more easily.
  4. As the title says, similar offensive powers for Blaster secondaries now supress when stealthed (ie, such as Martial Arts), and so Disruption Aura also should be flagged to supress during stealth. Can we please make this QoL happen in a near future patch? Thank you.
  5. I'd never skip this. Huge boost to control. Makes holding bosses and even EBs much easier, combined with the ST hold. Anything in melee gets locked down. I slot it 4 Basilisk for the recharge bonus and then a lockdown +2 mag. Even as a toggle I find it goes off often enough to be useful.
  6. You have a lot of good times ahead. I have my own at Incarnate, over of my favorite characters
  7. Agree 100%, Beasts are the most self-contained Primary of all the MM power sets, with good Defense, decent resists, self-heals and the ability to self-buff (and with Pet IOs) and cap defense or go crazy and add extra damage/crits passively. They will go VERY ast on /Kin so make sure to use GoTo comamnds to keep them in the local area, instead of zipping across the map. The new AI changes earlier in the year were a godsend.
  8. Force Redux


    The sets are both rather thematic, but I don't think they necessarily synergize well together. Sonic Blast relies on a cone for regular AOE other than its PBAOE nuke. /Sonic wants to be in range. The AoE is a bit weak, and the secondary doesn't do too much to help you stay alive. I really feel the Disruption Aura should offer a -Damage to nearby foes, too. The hold mechanic is a bit unreliable. I think its a servicable secondary, but would probably pair better with something else more Blappery than Sonic Blast. That said, they aren't terrible, just not optimal, and they will work if you get the rythm. I have combat teleport with binds to jump into my target in melee then back out again for cones and ranged. It improves what is rather mediocre pairing into 'fairly good'. But you have to dip into teleport. Personally I enjoy the character, despite this.
  9. Force Redux


    I'm fairly new to blasters, and this was the first I tried. I then leveled up three others, two to incarnate (my favorite being Beam/Devices), and now I'm coming back to Sonic/Sonic. As far as I can see, this has to be a Blapper build, getting into melee for the PBAOE and ST melee attacks, and then dancing back for the cones. I took Combat teleport and did some binds to make it easy to zip and out. Yet, I hesitate to put up a build just yet. I'm still trying to build up to capped Range/S/L and I'm afraid I'm going to have to go with Mace to do so (I prefer resist epic armors), but not seeing much choice - even with Tough/Weave, I'll need that S/L/E from Scorpion Shield. Would love to see some ideas too from the Blaster experts, too.
  10. I'm just going to add that Trick Arrow/Dark Blast defender is ridiculously good solo (as well as on teams). And the goodness starts off right away at low level. Also strong nods to Time/Pistol and Pain/Ice.
  11. Happy New Year to all 🥳🎉🙂
  12. Scrapper regen needs the Sentinel treatment.
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