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Elec/Elec/Elec - teach me, sent-pai, teach me.


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It seems good. I know nothing of the Sentinel ways. Please bestow upon me the sacred knowledge.


What does Shocked mean? It appears apparently at random. I know it does something but the wiki provides few clues. I'm sure if I scoured the patch notes, I'd find it, but I was asking other things so I thought I'd ask it here. 

Is the Voltaic Sentinel good? I'm sort of comparing it to Dark Servant, which is a good power. How's the small spark ball?


Any dud powers to be aware of? They do mostly look worth taking, other than probably the T8 and T9 in the armour set. 


Any groovy proc synergies? 


Is the chain heal in the ancillary power pool  worthwhile?


What's the conventional wisdom on the Sentinel ATOs? Presumably the Opportunity one goes in a spammable power and the Absorb one goes in an AoE? Or is it skippable?


Thank you!

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Shocked is basically a damage proc triggered by electrical attacks. I have trouble decoding what City of says about it, but it does fair damage and can jump from target to target effectively making electric blast a much better AOE set than it would first appear. Voltaic sentinel is worth getting IMO because it's basically just extra damage which also amps up the shocked mechanic (getting you even more AOE damage even though VS only does a single target blast. )


The absorb proc is definitely skippable. However the set requires all six ATOs to get the recharge boost, hence I always use all six. The opportunity proc is to be spammed as you say, though vulnerability charges up pretty quickly as it is. 


The T9 in electric armor is definitely something I skip. The crash is real hard, and you can cap all resistance except toxic without it. he T8 is more a matter of if you can fit it. It's nice to be able replenish endurance some times, though it's generally the second thing to go for me (after the T9). One tip on the set, it's generally assumed that electric has a negative energy hole, but that's only relative to the otherwise very high resistances. If you bother to slot grounded for resistance, you can get negative energy pretty high, comparable to fiery aura for example. 

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