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  1. Actually I find with the fix to the animation time on full auto (shaved off 2 seconds in the last patch), AR is actually a very solid sentinel primary now. To be quite honest the sentinel version plays a lot better than the blaster one.
  2. I think you are a bit overly harsh, though not wrong in the main. As I will always say sentinels are a fine class for the ride to 50, but once there, they lag well behind. Given that blasters can be made to attain enough defense (and status protection) at 50 to do what a sentinel can do, but with tons more damage, there's not much point. As said however, before 50, sentinels certainly have a place. They make for a fun ride up through the levels, and they absolutely represent a comic book archetype. The glass cannon blaster of the run from 1-50 is a very rare thing to see in comics compared to
  3. Ok, now this works with no ill side effects. Thanks.
  4. OK, maybe not fine. It prevented me from talking to contacts. That's rather severe, had to unbind it.
  5. I already use the macro, but I wanted the double click option for mobility. It's a granite brute.
  6. Thanks, that worked just fine.
  7. drbuzzard

    Bind question

    I've been through the bind guides a number of times, and cannot find the syntax for linking a double click to a power. I know I've seen it before because I have the bind on one character. I just can't find it to do it again. I just want to bind combat teleport to double left click. I assume someone here knows what that would look like. Thanks in advance.
  8. Funny, I have not even tried a sentinel in these. I generally run either a granite tanker or my tank/blaster crab with well past softcap all positions and ~60%+ resistance to all (85 on the s/l).
  9. Fair enough. It's more related to me using agility and sets so I wouldn't get the proc rate.
  10. Yeah, but psychic shockwave has a pretty fast recharge, so proccing is a bit iffy, though it certainly has to beat the innate damage. I admit I've not tried that, so perhaps I will. Thing is I usually build for recharge with agility, so I ruin proccing.
  11. Yeah but it hits about as hard as a kitten on quaaludes.
  12. Let's take the new city of data for a test drive shall we? Mind Probe: 103.54 damage in 1.32 cast time (arcanatime) gives us 78.4. Very respectable. There's only 3 primary powers which exceed this: Blaze 114 bitter ice blast 101 will domination 87 So it is a bit hyperbolic to say that the primaries don't matter. It is also interesting that someone mentioned knockout blow in a dismissive tone. It does 188 damage in 2.376, for 79.1 damage, well damn, it beat that mind probe in DPAS. Of course the problem with leviathan is the rest of the set is
  13. I'm agreeable with most of what you suggest, but I am completely against messing with the nuke recharge times. I consider those the one bright spot of the class right now, and it is what makes them at least somewhat offensively unique.
  14. Radiation emission, or darkness affinity are likely what you want. They both do a bang up job of debuffing the heck out of enemies. You don't have to do any targeted buffs or heals either. They both have heals, but they are AOE heals. Now it seems like you don't want to do direct damage, hence you're best off as a controller IMO. Since you want a strong control set which is fairly simple, I'd say Earth or Ice. Both of these have good area knockdown powers which can just leave a spawn flopping around like fish.
  15. Yeah, I have no idea either. I sure as hell couldn't.
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