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  1. When I first started on HC, I followed the policy of waiting till I hit 22 and then slotting up with lvl 25 IOs. They are about the same value as even level SOs (32% for example in damage) and never expire, so will not cost you more in the future. Sticking to lvl 25, 30, 35 IOs will keep costs down, and allow you to save money. Using SOs ends up being a money pit as you have to update them with levels. To make some quick money as you go along, convert merits into enhancement converters and craft any uncommon IO recipes which drop. Then use 2 converters to change them into rares, an
  2. From what I understand, the aggro cap is a setting of enemy AI, and hence universal. Thus I don't think it can be adjusted at the local scale.
  3. Once upon a time 'Man Builds' were a fad. Nobody would claim that they were a good suggestion in terms of effectiveness. When people are asking for advice, it's reasonable to assume they want advice so as to be more effective. Telling someone that they can skip anything they like and do anything they like is true, but it is also about as helpful as pointing out that water is wet.
  4. It can be demonstrated objectively and quantitatively that the powers you skipped in the time power set would have enabled you to do things more effectively. Time is a great set, and honestly there's very few powers (likely zero) which can be skipped and make your build better. Your subjective preference is fine as it is your character, but when I'm giving advice I prefer to give suggestions based on hard data.
  5. This is certainly true. However the rest of us are running with the assumption that he actually wants to be effective or something.
  6. 1: This depends on what the primary does. It depends on if it is damage, control, debuff, or defenses (I'm leaving out MMs, but I don't play them- but the pet should be the obvious choice). This also depends on if you're talking what you pick initially when you make the character, or what ends up present in a final build. Those are often different in my case. For attacks, I'll pick a fast recharge when I'm starting, but final build will have the better DPAS (unless it is really close, then it is the one which allows a smoother attack chain). I don't play control much, but I'd like opt for a h
  7. Good to see you're keeping up. That doesn't mean we need to keep tedious ones. Also, if you were not aware, they keep the tedious versions in Ouro whey they update TFs.
  8. I know this is a complicated response, but I'll try to keep it simple. That's 2 task forces named out of the whole game. I am not required to do those task forces and I don't do them because they are tedious. Other parts of the game are not tedious, so I enjoy it. I hope that was simple enough.
  9. My order for incarnates is: Alpha to tier 3 stat Lore to tier 3 when opened, followed when you can by Destiny. Judgement and interface can sit, and maybe get to tier 1 or 2 if you have spare stuff lying around after Lore and Destiny. Hybrid I'll usually get to higher tier before judgement or interface. Here's my logic: Tier 3 alpha is a universal level shift so that is a huge deal. Also if you've picked carefully, it should have a notable effect on your performance all the time. Lore tier 3 is both a level shift and extremely valuable in the BAF trial
  10. I'm actually going support the OP here and say I also find the pets to be too flimsy for my liking. Of course I'm not a big fan of pet classes in general, but I did make a crabbermind build for my crab, and while the damage was most impressive while the little buggers were up, they died like mayflies. Sure it was great for soloing a pylon, since I'd stand back and blast and keep all the aggro so the pets could go to work, but on most other things (ITFs being a favorite), the spiders wouldn't last any time at all. Though given pylon times with the pets, having them be durable and faceroll easy
  11. I have played on some of the other COH servers of late just to try something different. The most jarring change is the lack of a functioning market which HC does have. The mix bucket of attuned IOs and the ability to use fairly cheap converters to make desirable products for the market is central to this. As it is on those other servers you might as well just sell all the dropped recipes at a vendor except for the very rare ones you might want. Drops become a hindrance, while they are not that here. Some of the dysfunction on other servers is low population, but if the HC structure was present
  12. Yes, I'd hate to miss out on all the tedious kill all missions in sequence like that. It would be horrible.
  13. As Kismette said, they should be saved for rare and very rare incarnate salvage. The cost to craft those from threads (and influence) is astronomical.
  14. Odd, when I tried it out, I only found a damage difference in slow sniping. I actually went to the trouble of pumping to hit as hard as possible on one blaster and it only had an effect on the slow snipes (the proc, tactics and targeting drone). I Tried turning off Tactics and taking out the proc, and the damage didn't change except for the slow snipes. Then I dropped tactics on a respec since slow snipes aren't enough of an excuse to carry it.
  15. People seem to have missed the impact of combat teleport on stone tanks. Granite even with rooted on isn't much of a hindrance anymore. You get combat teleport set up with the targeting macro, and you pop around like Nightcrawler on crack.
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