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Mercy Missionary Badge


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Hi all. So I completed most of the badges from Praetoria, minus the Mercy Missionary badge. In researching the badge, it says that you can only get it through a flashback arc. However, when I look in the list while in Oro, I don't see anything that closely resembles the arc/mission I am looking for. Research states that you have to be level 46-50 (I am 50), go to a flashback crystal, look for the category "Hero of the City", and then select the arc "To Save a Thousand Worlds". This is not what I am seeing in the list of missions.


Any suggestions on how to get this arc so I can complete this badge?  



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Hey there. 


You have 2 separate things going on here...


1) "Mercy Missionary" Badge is an exploration badge in Imperial City.  It's inside the BAF - the red island above at the north of the map.  You have to go through a door to get inside the walls, and then the badge is at the front of the NW building.  Type /thumbtack -582,0,-3763 and it will show you where.


2) "To Save A Thousand Worlds" is Unai Kemen's Story arc, which doesn't have a badge in it.  Unai will eventually give you 2 missions where you can get the "Multidimensional" exploration badge from the mission maps.  You can also get this badge from one of Tina McIntyre's one-off Hydra missions, too.  Generally, easier to get from Tina than to run Unai's long arc and wade through his many one-off missions. 


To run Unai's arc, you have to be Hero or Vigilante - If you're Villain or Rogue, hero arcs won't show for you - that may be why you're not seeing it in ouro?  If not, also check the 50+ section, sometimes things are placed there instead of the 46-50 arc, like it should be.



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