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Partner Badge: recommended TF/SF/Trials to use to get it


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Partner Badge set: 3 badges that culminate with the Partner badge for a total of 50 repeat runs of the weekly TF's during the week after you have already run it for the double rewards.




TF/SF's recommended for the farming/grinding acquisition of the Partner badge.



Posi 1 + Posi 2 form a team and speed them back to back to back to back.   Alternatively, you could just speed run Posi 1 with a team or solo it.   Posi 2 can be soloed if you are equipped to take on the AV at the end of it., but Posi 1 tends to be quicker, and the final fight in Posi 1 is your shadow replica and a CoT boss.


Apex + Tin Mage: form speed teams and run them back to back to back to back


Imperious Task Force:  set to zero stars and form a speed team and run it again and again and again


Penelope Yin TF:  easily soloed or with a team.


Sewer Trial: this can be done quickly if the team works to keep the generators offline during the hydra fight.


Eden Trial:  in this case, form a fast team and call it the Speeden trial.   Run it again and again.....


LGTF:  this can be run fast, but sometimes the Hamidon in mission 4 can be a minor speed bump.  Suggest the Ernesto Hess trial instead.


Mortimer Kal SF:  as long as the leader can start it, form a speedy team and run it again and again and again.....


Market Crash:  form a speedy team and run it again and again and again.....the only speed bump in this is the final giant. But if you aren't doing a Master run and team members have Lore pets......


Katie Hannon:  speed bump #1 in this is the 10 Mary fights,  the other speed bump is escorting her out of the red cap caves as she cannot be teleported to the door.  Still a good one to repeatedly run


Khan TF:  can be completed fast if the team has the firepower and debuffs for the final fight with Reichsman and the 4 AVs.    Barracuda SF not recommended as teams sometimes have to clear the final map of all targets as they locate and escort Recluse's minions to the machine room.


Cavern of Transcendence:  can be done with a speedy team or a well equipped solo character.  Only speed bump was the change a few updates back where you now have to destroy the giant at the end as well as rescue the hostage.


Merit rewards decrease with each run to the point where you could get only 1 merit, sometimes the completion of a mission awards an L50 toon with a prism (2% chance) and sometimes you get some good recipe drops.   Run the TF many times a day then take a break until the next day and repeat the process.

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25 alts with all the badges!

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