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Diamond Masks for Head Detail 1

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Because I've been thinking about it so much, I'm making an actual suggestions thread about it now.
Can we please get actual diamond mask models for Head Detail 1? It's probably a bit of work to model it and place it in the game, so I understand this may be a pipe dream. But I have so many costumes that would be improved with this iconic look. It's such a classic super hero piece, it's really frustrating how hard it is to achieve in this game.

Ideally, we could get a version with opaque eyes and clear eyes.


As well as a version that goes above the nose and then over the nose.

It would look so great as an actual mask rather than what we have with flat Face detail textures.


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If the devs are going to go this route, I would like a few more pattern masks also made into separate details. Destruction and half, though those would need to be helmets more likely. Also pointed mask, rounded mask, and serratus as Detail 1 masks please.

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