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Lore Pets default to Defensive on Summon

Scarlet Shocker

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Every time I summon my lore pets, they are defaulted to Defensive and Follow me. I appreciate for some of my pets that's not a bad option but the attacking pets are emasculated by it. I change it every summons, but it still defaults to Defensive Follow on next summon.


This seems like a dumb bug - but if it is default behaviour how can we change it?

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As opposed to, say, people posting complaints about their Lore pets charging off in some random direction immediately upon summoning and get killed because they are set to Aggressive by default when summoned?


According to the wiki, a pet in Defensive stance will "defend its master or any other henchman that comes under attack." So your 'emasculation' consists of 'waiting to attack until it or its summoner is attacked' Now, if they were defaulting to Passive when summoned, you'd have a point, because then they wouldn't respond to provocation.

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