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Maneuvers Lowers defense when in a team on Combat Attributes


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I noticed while I am teamed, and I have Maneuvers turned on, my defense takes a huge hit -

Ranged from 30.44% to 15.52%

Melee  48.57% to 33.65%

AOE  44.50% to 29.58%

and all my other defenses also take huge hits.


If I leave the team with it on - my defenses go back to normal.

If I am teamed and turn it off, all my defenses go back to normal.

(I have a Kismet +acc in it - I did remove that enhancement and tried it but that was not the cause.)


I was feeling squishy whenever I was teamed up....and now I might have found the culprit.

I run Evasive Maneuvers. I lose exactly the amount Evasive Maneuvers gives me when I turn on Maneuvers in a team. I don't lose anything while solo.


Other info - I am a Rad/Fire Brute


Not sure what is happening.



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Evasive Maneuvers is designed to only grant you the defense buff when you are only affecting self (essentially). So when you buff a teammate, that defense gets suppressed. Maneuvers counts as buffing a teammate, which is why you're seeing that suppression.

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