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Nasty Bug in "Take Down Cockatrice" Mission from Praetor Sinclair


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There's a level 10 - 14 mission from Praetor Sinclair titled "Take Down Cockatrice."  At one point in the mission, you encounter Belladonna Vetrano, who says something, and then teleports out.  You're immediately hit with ambush waves of Resistance.


Well, on a level 14 Robotics/Nature Affinity Mastermind, that's not what happened.  Belladonna Vetrano said something to me (what she is supposed to say), and "teleported" out.  But she didn't teleport... she merely turned completely invisible and untargetable, and started attacking my robot henchmen.  She took them all out in a few hits.  Then I was hit with the Resistance ambush waves.  I kept having to repeatedly resummon and re-equip my robot henchmen, between the Resistance ambush waves and the invisible and untargetable Belladonna Vetrano repeatedly destroying them.  To make matters worse, Belladonna started following me around, repeatedly taking out my bots and I could do nothing about it.


I strongly suspect that Belladonna Vetrano is flagged to become invisible and ignore PCs when she "teleports out," but does not ignore pets.  I checked the combat log and the pet combat log and confirmed that, outside of AoE attacks like Bullet Rain, she completely ignored me and focused only on my henchmen.


Please fix this as this makes the mission extremely difficult for Masterminds to complete.  I barely did so.

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