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Incarnates for Doms?


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So I've recently rolled a Plant/Savage Dom. It's currently sitting at level 22 but I'm already thinking about what to craft once I can access the Incarnate system. 


Judgement and Lore are purely thematic choices for me so they're not a concern. Destiny has always been a question of the extra utility it provides as opposed to the buffs so that's also a non-issue. What I'd like some input on is how to slot Alpha, Interface, and Hybrid. 


Not sure if it matters but I'm planning to build for permadom anyway so I don't anticipate needing any more +Recharge. 

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i main a mind/fire/ice dom and play little else, i’ve gone for;


alpha - radial paragon. the hold, damage and range boost works well


destiny - incandescence. i find it regularly helpful to group people up, especially if someone dies for veng


interface - cognitive. bit of fun 


hybrid - assault. adds to the already high damage output of fire assault. i often forget to use it though

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