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i have contracted rat disease


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i have contracted rat disease.


in the last 3-4 hours.



tickle irritation up the nasals, feels like you want to snort inhale all the time.yellow phlem with thick bits with saliva mix, blocked ears, minor headache, a bit weakened. damned eyes are sore. fabulous.


hopefully it passes over the night, rammed up the heating.cough medicine expired 2y ago, no taking.


i always worry people at work will think I'm lying, or that it illustrates a failure state to be sick. every interaction is a balancing act of perception, presence... doesnt matter if your productive and your quick.


...dont you know, the machines replace us all on 5-10. or someoght suppose...


i did manage to get my seismic/kin 'goats cheese yes pls' to 38 before the sickness drew me low...


are you supposed to eat or starve yourself?


its feed a cold. but im not at all hungry.


i cant go out of my room too long as its cold elsewhere in the house.


its not covid, mercifully.Rat_Disease.jpg.dc8c39343c03bfe2eeab15262652e2c5.jpg

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