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  1. Note to self: do not cage with other animals. Edit: (and before it responds thinking itself clever, it seems the sort that does... yes, decidedly 'free range')
  2. Does it stay obscene? I've tried fire / kin corruptor, beam/ta, ice/cold Dom corr... water/elec blaster... None had the oomph I crave, until... The damage on fire/Fire... you end up approaching mobs in group situation thinking, ok I can take this down for entire team, what's next? He's low yet, 23, and cauterizing aura is very nice as a tick to recover... Doing posi/synapse/yin, it feel like you could solo it with only a few midgrade sets. Does it stay this way? I hope so.
  3. High turnout, strut and preening, a policeman and a dog telling people to turn off auras, and winners on a steam punky, fish kinda vibe for no theme. Admit it, you love the glamor. The spotlight. Walk speed to the center for the finals. Nothing is quite like the AP costume contest. mmo cosplay. You always see something new, clever, unique, or worn well.
  4. Do you remember? Was pretty crazy, audio and music way ahead of its time. Like wasd controls, but... better, you could lean. Always up for another dance with the true machine mother. (meanwhile, at ghost story games, they know, she'll never let go.)
  5. It'd have to come with a bribe. Unique costume pieces (they'd enrage, hehe he), or something tangible... enough to have them swallow their immortal, unstoppable, mememe leisure me time me relax me only ever me feeling me Supreme me time mode. I don't know what that reward would have to be, other than empryion merits.
  6. Open pvp, in steel canyon, and all paragon city! No one can touch you unless minimum lvl 10, with +/- 4 or 8 depending on zone. Aggro Lazer bots /arachnos arbiter things will kill you real good if you engage by a trainer, or a transit area. AE mission doors now throughout town. - AE invasion system. - gather vertebrae shackles for miss liberty - engage in jolly cooperation. The only non open flagged pvp zone, mercy island. That'd fix everything!
  7. yt1s.com - FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 55 Death Unto Dawn_9747.mp4
  8. Yes they did!... to cause a scene... and a bottomless curse on the BASTARD that schemed it so. I'm not interested in afk farming, you should be dcd after mins inactivity, or repetitive macro'd action loop.
  9. Some BASTARD jacked winter pack prices to 21.5 - it's deeply disturbing and causes political fallout! So... Spines / fire ...OR... Rad / fire I got a spines fire, but it's so passe. Some people do rad / fire, I guess for the -def on plus fours? Certainly not for the aoe, unless that 32 pbaoe skill beats out fling thorns cone and spine explode (tho that one has longer than it should cast time)... So for max cash fancy splash, what's your preference?
  10. Yes, you can level your famer brute in ae, though it may be good to do task force to get the badges in 'accomplishments' that look like Roman numerals I-VI, to get an accolade power. There's another similar easy one that involves some explore, killing vampires + werewolves, and rescuing a fortune teller. Worth the effort. How much you can farm while leveling will depend on your slotting, but find something like -1/4 and work up from there. You can set your difficulty from an npc, or more easily from bottom right speech button menu in the chat ui. For which
  11. Git gud? do what eq2 did, you exemp down to engage, or you cannot engage. Supress / lvl curve the enh, strip powers not available at exemp'd level. You'd still be twinky, but not aoeing ap to all hell like some angry god.
  12. Scrappers of Paragon - need some advice. Simply cannot decide on a scrapper (1st) to take to fiddy. I always play stalkers, but its time. I'm torn between: Dual Blades / Energy Aura - Lady Maria Street Justice! / Willpower - WILSON FISK (no relation) Titan Weapon / Ninjutsu - Nectobo Are any of these power set combos that stand out to you experienced scrap-folk?
  13. ... Most exciting coh moment... Remember clearly to this day... Mukti, a fire/rad corruptor, destined for great things - me. Thinking I'm tuff-rough-and-tumble, killing mobs in bloody bay. I chanced to look to the skies, from my perch on a roof... And behold! A super jumping hero, who I found later to be called 'stugatz' (also a good tanker), with enormous hammer brandished, connected and sent me careening. Disoriented, as a human player, I tried to fight back. I burned him, bathed in my mutant radiation, trying to regenerate. To no avail.
  14. Yes, otherwise no one has a wow alt, nor a classic set. No one levels other jobs on ffxiv, no one tries a new one in eso/bdo/... Telling you tho: open pvp in all zones (including pocketD and ouro) is THE answer to every problem. I'd drop everything and move to that kinda homecoming server. Don't think I'd be alone. Think how exciting it'd be. Also, they can corpse loot merits, recipes and enh...and half your inf.
  15. Yes! Don't give up on this dream, skeleton! The solution is forced pvp. Only place you can hide is in an instance. OPEN PVP, ALLCAPS, FORCED FLAG, OPEN PVP, IN ATLAS PARK AND ALL PARAGON CITY. (pls note honoroit does not support the MAGA-loon seditionist through use of all caps, quite the opposite)
  16. Intensity builds density. Don't you wanna get swol?
  17. Wilting violets in the gardens. Weak. Unless they're steamrolling, unless they can absolutely ignore all concept of challenge in mechanic or required teamwork - they'll complain, and quit. I do it on purpose, I'll run tfs (which again people are too timid to initiate yet leap in when posted - because effort and this is me relax time. That actually has benefit in that you can typically organize whatever you want and people will go if it gives merits or accomplishment badges) - - low level, at +3/+4. Thing is, it is very doable with reasonable group comp and some
  18. Really, no. I understand it was the fashion to hate on msft in the 2000s, but as a gaming platform win 10 is good. Xbox seems to know its ass from elbow this console gen, and Xbox game pass is very good value all round - there's not a lot of dispute there either. Aside, msft research pumps a lot of money into medical tech, look at recent complex surgery done via AR. Likewise they conduct actual anthropology research. In workplace productivity, they have great apps. The information workers life would be worse without them Shit, visual studio is
  19. OK, sure, I get optimizing sys processes allowed for a gaming or general compute platform. I take it this is primary motivator there. But why would a company be my friend, why might I care. The exchange is transactional, if I can derive benefit.
  20. What's wrong with Xbox and msft, aside from 'big == evil' or some such? If anything you'd see tighter integration with windows, Xbox streaming services in win 10, the consoles, else. They just wanna anon your data and number crunch it so to better target things to sell you. Problem there: msft can seeee meeeee, oh no! Problem there: msft will psychomine me and others, and exploit weaknesses masked as product offerings. Problem there: msft may conduct anthropology research, oh no! Potential benefit there: better stuff, potentially
  21. Sounds fun, I think one of the crazy private servers did some kind of a whip set. Don't remember, the one where there's absolutely no balance at all. Back in live days, didn't they say it'd be hard to implement for some reason? Think I remember that...
  22. There should be open pvp in AP, ouro, and pocket D - at that point we'll need no Dom light sets.
  23. No Dom?! (good stuff tho, gimme that legacy chain) Not all light is of a benevolence, there are secret mantra, most pertain to defense, prostelisation, and seeding of a hostile realm. There is also inquisition.
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