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Looking for people from my old Champions SG


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I mained a Blaster named Bazooka Tooth, a Defender named Pinball Wizard, and a Tanker named Texas BBQ on Champion. 


For the life of me I cannot remember my old SG's name or any of the members, but we were a big active group with distinct uniforms. Red and white tights, with the same shoulders, belts, boots and gloves, if I recall correctly. 


If any of this rings a bell, please chime in. 

I'm certain someone else has to be here. 


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I remember all three of those toons. We may have ground Snaptooth together. I don't believe I was in your SG, though.


Do you remember Tim Possible, Nekomancer, Patricia Rabbit or Sgt. Igneous?


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Aquacat (Level 50 (Vet 38) Water/Regen Sentinel, Indomitable, 905 badges)

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