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i saw a real hero today


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was doing the tf with countess, and a crey science assault crew jumped me!


a pro squad they were; with red armor on display, and clipboard by cryogun.


id have died. but appear a 'dark reaper' all on his own. purple black flame, or darkness licked armor. He cleaved them in twain.


i dont even know the powerset, it happened so fast. bulky, and well thought design, and a devestator fated to save me.


my character, 'goats cheese yes pls', was most appreciative.


even years on, you sometime encounter wandering heroes of legend.


throws the mind back to super strength brutes descending upon me in pvp. on a fire rad corruptor that time. or flashes of a tanker ripping rikti like its real. some of these things you see, they stay with the mind, imprinted like.


today I saw a hero. in creys folly.  they saved me.




goats cheese yes pls, the seismic kin corruptor.

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