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Dark Miasma/Water Blast


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I have lvl 50 versions of:

Water/Storm Corruptor

Ice/Dark Miasma Corruptor

EA/Water Defender

Dark Miasma/Elec Defender.


So I have a bit of experience with each set on both Defenders and Corruptors. Each character is fully IOd to give it a semblance of a fair shake. That said I haven't empirically crunched the numbers on them, so my findings are subjective in nature.


Water seems much more worthwhile on a Corruptor, as the damage hits harder and Whirlpool benefits from scourge. Dark Miasma works extremely well on both Defenders and Corruptors.

I would point you to a water/dark Corruptor. And steer you towards Dark Mastery as well.


That said with Tar patch on a Defender, maybe that -30% res is enough to offset the perception that water blast damage on a Defender was subpar. I don't know as I haven't ran the numbers.

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