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Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and other Tokusatsu nonsense (for fun)


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As a proud member of the Magical Girl Supremacy™️ movement I'm curious about the other end of the spectrum. With the Gemknights and Spidercouts and other such SGs running arond sporting the sailor fuku, are there SGs running Power Ranger inspired toons and stories? Im sure there must be, I've seen at least a dozen (fantastix) toku-inspired characters and have made a few designs myself (mostly as excersizes in learning how to get creative with the character creation system), but I've never seen any proper SGs themed along those lines myself.

Resident certified baby

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I know you're looking for serious examples, but a friend of ours has a favorite, "Seraph blue" that to us seemed perfect for an angelic-themed power rangers parody.  Poor Seraph Blue was subjected to over a dozen color-based "Seraph Squad" members, including Seraph Khaki (dressed as you'd expect) and Seraph Ultramarine (that was not just ultramarine-colored, but also looking like every marine corps stereotype taken to 11.

Sadly, as with most  SG's initiated in fun, this one didn't last long.

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I've seen a couple around over the years but I don't know how many are still going. I did see a few members of one out and about in the past few weeks, and they were recruiting not too long ago: 


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@Hissatsuman, you can mainly find me on Everlasting!

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