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  1. I do have a couple of redside characters, but the highest level one is only in the late 30s. I do enjoy playing as them, but I just have way more fun with my blueside characters. I like being a good guy more! I also find it way easier to come up with concepts for heroic characters than for villainous ones. I sure am a lovely person!
  2. I don't have any advice beyond what's been stated already, but I wanted to say kudos to all involved for the love being shown to one of the coolest members of one of the coolest teams in comics!
  3. Can't say I've done every TF in the game and I've never went near a SF, but I can't imagine I'd disagree with your #1 even if I had. Kicking robots should not be boring, but somehow, Synapse managed it.
  4. The only P&P game I ever played was a really bad attempt at D&D...4th Edition, I think. It was some kind of "starter" adventure between me and two other people, and none of us had ever played a tabletop game before, and I was trying to DM despite this, and all in all it was not very good. I've still wanted to have another go, but I've never managed to get all the people together, schedules don't match up, etc. etc. Timing's just never right. However, I still love hearing about people's games! At some point before I die I want to try Legend of the 5 Rings. I've heard it's a bit daunting for novice players, but clearly that has never stopped me!
  5. I think, at the end of the day, people just need to realise that kicking is really awesome.
  6. Exactly the reason I picked it on one of my characters.
  7. Always got a kick out the random mug-ees in Atlas going "You're making bad life choices!"
  8. I wonder if the name "The Shogun of Paragon" is taken...
  9. That's a real funny way of spelling awesome names!
  10. For what feels like a few months now, whenever I've gotten a new power, it has reliably missed on first use. Every time.
  11. I actually never made it past season 2 and I can't remember why. Think I just got sidetracked and never went back to it, and by the time I had time freed up I'd heard a lot of people hated the later seasons and that soured me on watching it. I was actually thinking about the show yesterday though, I wouldn't mind rewatching to see how it's held up.
  12. This was definitely how I felt, yeah. When they were showing all the classic sprite stuff in the end credits, I remember thinking "man, sure would have been cool to see all this iconic stuff in the movie!"
  13. I love you too! But I do think we should see other people.
  14. Speaking of movies, what was the last movie folk here watched? Anything you'd recommend? I went to see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie yesterday. I didn't think much of it, but I guess for kids it's probably okay. I feel like the kids movies coming out when I was growing up had a whole lot more action in them, though. At the very least, I appreciated the reference to SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy, of all things.
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