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  1. Had been playing around with different helmet ideas and really liked the look of the Cyborg 1/Samuri Menpo details together. Made a character with them but then decided to run with it a bit further - no decent name for these guys yet, but until such time as I think of one or give up, they're Tiger 3:
  2. KOing a mook with Crane Kick whilst there's a wall a foot behind them is one of life's simple pleasures
  3. I'm ready to discuss.
  4. Someone at city planning messed up on that fountain placement, and I'm the one who's going to pay for it...
  5. Also do this. Most if not all of my RP characters have a bunch of trays up top full of emote macros.
  6. I decided a while back that the Steel Canyon university campus has a basketball team called the Seahorses, so if everyone wants to get on board with that, that'd be great!
  7. CO's tied-to-global system was a godsend. Something like that being implemented here is probably a pipe dream, but I'll cross any amount of fingers/toes needed. Everyone should be able to get the names they want! Speaking of, namesitters: evil, perfidious, etc.
  8. I like this one: 😌 I think that would be a good one to start with !
  9. Praetoria Police helmet, Enforcer detail 1, Rebreather detail 2, and what looks like one of the Clockwork faces.
  10. I'm going to say yes to this, because a picture is worth a thousand words, and I'm fed up hitting the character limit in chat.
  11. 4-issue (non-canon) mini. Everyone should read this.
  12. When you have the LRT menu open, you're able to use the slash command as normal. So activate LRT, then do whatever you normally did to use /ebfp - hit your macro button, type it out, etc.
  13. Sketch commission of one of my characters, Mummyman: Love how it turned out. Art was done by https://twitter.com/ComicNerdSam - they were great! Super reasonable prices, and their communication was ace. Quick turnaround time as well, I recommend checking them out!
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