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  1. I generally don't consider of any the game's story arcs or missions "canon" to my characters. If I feel like some of it might work for whatever I'm doing at the time, I can pull it as needed (I threw Galaxy City's destruction into my main character's motivation for being a hero, for instance) but adhering to the lore of CoH just feels too restrictive to me for the most part, and I'd rather come up with my own stuff that my characters have done. If someone else wants to say their character has went through all the game's stories - beat up the Skull leaders, saved Night Ward, rubbed shoulders with the Phalanx, whatever - then I'm not going to tell them otherwise, but 99% of the time I'm probably going to act like I've never heard of any of these people or events. You were leading a strike team to destroy the Rikti portal and cleaned Nemesis' clock into the bargain, saving the world as we know it, and while you were doing that I was stopping the shivering Shakespearean shenanigans of Frozencrantz and Chilldenstern. I guess we just run in different circles!
  2. My main character was a vampire for one night a few weeks ago, but he got better. Sunlight cures vampirism pretty handily!
  3. After doing one for the first time in a month or so the other night, I think Synapse's TF should be deleted from existence, and maybe Synapse along with it.
  4. I just do it for the inf/XP. On a good day I can handle two farms in a row, but most of the time I'm out after one, it's just so tedious. The initial thrill of "Hey, I've built this guy to be unstoppable on these farms, and look at him tear through 'em!" wore off quick.
  5. Felt like making a new villain and was wanting to make an outfit inspired by the old European superhero films of the 60s, things like Superargo vs. Diabolicus or The Three Fantastic Supermen, real simple and campy and with a ridiculous Evil Name to boot. So, here's the villainous super-pirate lord, King Skull Man:
  6. Seeing "Access is denied" when trying to launch the game, no further error. Tried with http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml and https://manifest.cohhc.gg/testing.xml but no luck. Any ideas? I was able to launch fine earlier this morning. EDIT: Think the problem is with my AV, so ignore this for now! EDIT EDIT: Yup, post-maintenance my AV is now saying no to the COH exe. Had to fiddle with some settings!
  7. New alternate animation option for Laser Beam Eyes so I can just shoot one beam from my forehead-eye, please!
  8. At what point does it become necessary to deny someone access to a community for their own wellbeing? There are some people whose approach...it's simply not healthy.
  9. Disbanded, according to this thread:
  10. Always really liked this page from Immortal Iron Fist #3, drawn by David Aja: Love that flow of movement, Aja is great for that sort of thing. Another example of his from Secret Avengers #18: And last but not least, one of my favourite ever instances of this, from #9 of the original Moon Knight solo series, art by Bill Sienkiewicz:
  11. I want to be able to not slide off of cars/trucks/trams/blimps when I jump on them. I should be ferried through zones like a king!
  12. I don't have anything to add re: MMO game balance but walk forward un-FADCable fierce DP makes me feel like the biggest big big boy in the world
  13. Best thing John Byrne ever did. Awesome design.
  14. I played the beta, but wasn't too impressed with it. Combat felt kind of clunky (especially the shooting) and none of the characters seemed very distinctive to me. After a few missions I had the distinct impression I'd pretty much played the entire game, too - when the War Table first opened up and all the locations were listed I just felt like this was it. Won't be buying this one, I don't think. I did at least like how Ms. Marvel's combat animations looked, they did a good job bringing her fighting style to life visually.
  15. Seconding this. If you have the chance to grab the Sleeper Omnibus, do so. Fantastic comic. A lot of good ones and some of my own favourites mentioned in here already, but another:
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