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  1. You ain't lyin'! (Also, I was going for Sports gloves/boots as well. Great minds...)
  2. Been doing Von Grun's arc for the first time today and this entire bit from Arbiter Daos absolutely slayed me: "We've been watching you help out Vernon von Grun, [Character]. In fact, we've had our eye on him for a while now. Von Grun is a genius, alright. He's also reckless, immoral, obsessed, and likely a danger to everyone around him. In other words, a perfect mad scientist candidate. We've been wondering when he'd finally make his big break, and it looks like what he needed was some professional help. A pro-level villain, I mean. Like you. I'm not upset about the base. A base here or there is a small price to pay for good mad science. Why do you think we keep Dr. Aeon around? That guy's a complete loon, but if you need to power a city by tapping into an entombed demon, you can't let sanity stop you. And organizations like ours always need more mad scientists. Sure, we've got Aeon and Weaver-1, and even Grillo when he really gets into it. But compare that to the Council: Nosferatu, Vandal, Arakhn, Burkholder, even Requiem dabbles in mad science sometimes. And don't even get me started on Nemesis! We need more mad scientists if we're to keep up, and we've been hoping that von Grun would make the leap. It looks like he will, thanks to your help. Now, I have to interrogate him to see how well he rants under pressure. In the meantime, you should check out that Hamidon organelle the Crey have."
  3. This, but also with the option to change colour!
  4. Started a new blueside alt today: The Competitor, a WP/StJ tank. The idea was that he's an Olympic athlete who was experimented on and became superhumanly strong/fast/durable. When making his costume, I really wanted to include all the colours of the Olympic Rings - red, blue, yellow, green and black - but I can't really make them work in a way that's satisfying to me. If anyone else would like to take a stab at it, it'd be appreciated! I originally made him with the classic kind of Golden Age spandex look in mind, so you can continue down that road if you like, but I don't mind people making him look more contemporary!
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  6. It was a few weeks ago now but I was zipping around Grandville and saw a scientist, on the phone I think, say something like "Is Dr. Heisenberg there? Well, is he or isn't he?"
  7. The past week or so I've been wanting to make a character kind of similar to the old "mystery men" like The Shadow or The Phantom, i.e. a guy in spandex whose only superpower is shooding gun. I couldn't really nail down what I wanted for it, but today I was thinking about older tokusatsu characters, specifically Moonlight Mask, and I ended up going more in that direction - so I have yet another new alt, a DP/Martial Combat Blaster named Gekko Tiger (Moonlight Tiger was taken...) Not sure if I should change up the colours of the crescents to maybe a gold or something, but for now I'm pretty happy with how that turned out!
  8. ...I think I'm just gonna say they use their ill-gotten riches to fund a permanent room at the Golden Giza.
  9. Rhythm is a Dancer is "some crap techno song"? Society really is crumbling, huh...
  10. For some I had a vague idea but I'd never really thought about it for my main, oddly enough. In line with a lot of people in thread I guess Hissatsuman would be in some run-down apartment in Kings Row and runs a karate dojo downstairs for local kids to get them off the streets and not getting involved with Skulls, dyne, or getting zapped by Clockwork. Ecoman is the personification of all the greenery in Atlas Park (but is unaware of this fact), so when not heroing he just kind of dissipates in that general area. I dunno where my villains would live. Where in the Rogue Isles is nice?
  11. This, with Night Widows. What even is the length of time on that blindness debuff they do (except the obvious "forever")?
  12. Malcolm Young died a few years back. Angus Young is still going strong, but Brian Johnson quit a few years ago due to hearing loss, I think.
  13. Wanted to say in here that I've been playing redside the past week as a new character and I'm having a lot of fun, I've managed to jump into a few RP Mayhem groups and they've been a hoot. Had to be a Rogue, though, so I could still go back to sunny, happy Paragon when I wanted...
  14. Ah yeah, I remember the console ports being announced. Never played them, but I remember the big "Omega" change and that sucked.
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