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  1. The ever-lovin' Stuntmaster, courtesy of Sebastián Franchini:
  2. Nice text on the bomb setting progress bar.
  3. Playing around with screenshots of my early TV tokusatsu (read: Moonlight Mask) inspired character, Moon Mask Tiger - costumes representing his 50s, 70s and modern day incarnations:
  4. +1 to this, but also keep the obnoxious gold sky beam one.
  5. I recommend: Fist of Legend Once Upon a Time in China 2 Fearless The Legend aka Fong Sai Yuk Tai Chi Master aka Twin Warriors And then you can move on to The One, which is for advanced watchers only.
  6. A lot of fun! A solid time soloing at +4x8. Really enjoyed reading all the NPC bios, too! A lot of creative character in there! Can't wait to play more!
  7. Had been playing around with different helmet ideas and really liked the look of the Cyborg 1/Samuri Menpo details together. Made a character with them but then decided to run with it a bit further - no decent name for these guys yet, but until such time as I think of one or give up, they're Tiger 3:
  8. KOing a mook with Crane Kick whilst there's a wall a foot behind them is one of life's simple pleasures
  9. I'm ready to discuss.
  10. Someone at city planning messed up on that fountain placement, and I'm the one who's going to pay for it...
  11. Also do this. Most if not all of my RP characters have a bunch of trays up top full of emote macros.
  12. I decided a while back that the Steel Canyon university campus has a basketball team called the Seahorses, so if everyone wants to get on board with that, that'd be great!
  13. CO's tied-to-global system was a godsend. Something like that being implemented here is probably a pipe dream, but I'll cross any amount of fingers/toes needed. Everyone should be able to get the names they want! Speaking of, namesitters: evil, perfidious, etc.
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