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  1. They're in the Face category, the first dropdown - should be "Face 1" or whatever by default. Click it, scroll down past all the actual faces and you'll see them.
  2. I love DS9, but it didn't make serial television Cool & Sexy like Lost did when it first hit. I doubt it ever pulled half the numbers, either - I remember at the time Lost was the most DVR'd show on television or something like that.
  3. A while back on Everlasting, a villain-themed CC was held, and afterwards it was decided that since it was the birthday of one of the judges, they were going to have to take a very thoughtful birthday beating:
  4. Yup! Tailors have specific NPCs that can change body sliders. Can't remember what they're called in blueside Icon tailors, but they're usually the NPC at the very back on the right. In redside Facemakers, they're called Facemaker Surgeons, I think. There's also one NPC upstairs in Pocket D's Tiki Lounge who can do it.
  5. @Virtual Green Thank you! Yeah, I'm really happy with the effect - my only niggle is that we can't have the leather-effect boots/gloves underneath when using the armor pattern, it has to be the wraps. But still, it definitely works!
  6. Wanted to make a new villain and I've never really put much time into Masterminds before so I decided to go with a snake-themed master villain, the kind of fruit loop who elongates every S sound when speaking and is prone to fist-shaking bouts of rage (ones where the word "Cursessss!" comes up a lot). Came up with a backstory involving him being the latest leader of a centuries-old snake cult and gave him the moniker "The Sovereign Serpent": I'm not 100% happy with how the Black Knight chestpiece looks but I haven't found an alternative I like better yet - I like how that one fills out the shape of the torso. The colours were initially meant to be based on a Samar cobra, black and yellow, but I ended up going for darker gold as I thought the yellow looked a bit too garish. The darker colours kind of take away from the overall Saturday morning cartoon villain he's meant to be, though, so I'll have to keep tweaking. I really like the Tartarus helmet as an ersatz cobra hood, though.
  7. I think the credit for bringing the serial back into the mainstream is chiefly with Lost (two years prior, if I remember rightly, and at the time of Heroes I recall a lot of comparisons being drawn to it), but it definitely helped open up the door for superhero media that came after it, yeah. I don't really remember much beyond the first season, which was great, though I remember thinking the end of season 1 was a little flat. Beyond that, all I remember is that at one point the girl who had Taskmaster's power did a 619. Also vaguely felt like they started really unceremoniously bumping characters off after a point, but maybe I'm missing something. Endless props for having Tim Sale involved.
  8. Nothing to contribute, but: great movie!
  9. Dreamboat

    VV's Characters

    I haven't used it personally, but from what I understand the Virtueverse Wiki is someplace players can put all their various character writings in a more expanded way than the game allows. Of course, here is fine too!
  10. Brute I made at the start of the week and is now my quickest level 50 because I've been having so much fun with them - Stuntmaster! Really happy with how this costume turned out, was aiming for a vaguely Silver Age-ish look and then just kind of hit on the idea. In amongst that I also wanted to try my hand at a Golden Age character, but realised I'm terrible at it and so just pretty much wholesale ripped off the Destroyer for a Scrapper character, the Deadly Devil - idea was that he's from a parallel Earth during WW2 and got zapped to present-day Paragon. Unsure if I like the Grin mask or the Bonehead one more and which colour combination to use. Going towards combining them and having Grin with the yellow.
  11. Yeah, I'm not saying otherwise on this point from two months ago - but next time, lead with that example!
  12. I think Batgirl in makeup is still a white alien
  13. Had this happen the last time I ran SBB. Ended up with Sylvia Rexson climbing all the way up into the rafters and the rest of us having to get up there with her.
  14. The only people I have on ignore are people who created character names with racial slurs, etc. in them and then spammed chat channels with other hugely creative slurs because you need some kind of hobby, I guess. I haven't seen anyone do it in a long time and I'm assuming the ones I had on ignore have long since been banned. Other than stuff like that, I don't put anyone on ignore. I will use notes to mark someone who's consistently been an ass, though.
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