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Question about enhancements


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I'm looking at a few healing enhancements and got confused. Here are the ones I have:

L45  Invention Origin - Increases healing, hit point buffs and damage absorption by 40.5%


Here's the confusing part:

Preventive Medicine: L50+5 each




But when he power is used they heal for twice as much as the IO's above.


How? Why?

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Just now, Diantane said:



Healing /Absorb/Endurance



Without knowing your precise slotting for comparison, at level 45+ the boosted Preventive Medicine pieces are also providing a small Health bonus. If the AT is a Tanker or Brute, this could be noticeable. The three pieces you listed each are contributing to the Heal/Absorb, you are probably already past the ED cap.

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