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April is Jazz Appreciation Month - which is a very cool concept because sometimes we need a different vibe (at least, that's what my ex-wife told me)


This years featured artist is the legend that is Miles Davis, a man so cool he literally rebirthed it. In the cool stakes, Steve McQueen comes a hollow second and is glad to do so.


So in the spirit of JAM and Miles I bring you his opus





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I've looked all over the Periodic Table and I still can't find the element of Surprise!

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Anime soundtracks have delved into Jazz from time to time. Most notably with some stylings from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. 





But surprisingly, Gundam has experimented with Jazz for at least one series soundtrack! I don't like ALL of it. Some of it strays too much into "random noise" territory for my taste. But when it IS good. It's VERY good. 


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