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  1. This is one of those perfect moments to show how much the character creator and the costume options have expanded. In 2005 - that WAS the best that anyone could do as an homage to Dr. Fate. And you did quite well back then! But Mystic Fortune above shows what can be done NOW. City of Heroes costume/character creator literally changed the way people saw MMO potential back at release and continued to raise the bar until Sunset. The only one that matches it for options and creativity is Champions Online. But you have to BUY with real money SO many unlocks on that game to GET
  2. I just wanted to say thank you - I've been using your Beam Rifle sound pack for my main: (This guy - Dynamo Joe RX-90) That heavy impact energy sound has become ESSENTIAL to the fun of playing my big Gundam style mecha! So much so that on a recent re-install of the game on a new computer - I booted up the game, brought Dynamo Joe up - took a shot at an enemy, then heard the old sound effect and shut down the game again to come back here and set up the Beam Rifle sound pack again before continuing play! It's THAT good! I don't think even authentic Gundam Beam Rifle sounds
  3. Well - a texture replacement via client side modification might be possible. You don't have to mod the pigg files at all. However finding good clean versions of all those old load screens themselves might be a bit of an issue. Also - they were made back when 800x600 screens were the norm. That's one of the reasons they were replaced back on live.
  4. Well this hits a bit differently now, doesn't it? 😔 (Note for future reference - Daft Punk just broke up.) Well - we'll always have the songs they did create. The Beatles themselves had less than 10 years as a group and look at that legacy! I may make another version of this mix soon that's not as directly tied to the Tron movie. In any case - in addition to the link above - this mod is now a part of The City of Heroes Modder utility as outlined here in this post: So you can just download that tool and the Daft Punk mix is listed and useable from there as we
  5. That did it! Thanks! Aaand now I'm a bit embarrassed... turns out I already HAD uploaded my Daft Punk mix and forgot I'd done it! Whoops! ^_^;;
  6. Been trying to install 7 zip and it's not working.
  7. I disagree. I enjoy mods myself. Both costume and sound mods. (The Beam Rifle sound mod has become a NECESSITY for me.) I think this forum is poorly laid out to make such things available. It is not in any way obvious where to look. You have to do some hunting. I truly believe that if we had a dedicated "Client Side Modifications" sub-forum that a LOT more people would download and mod. In fact I came here today because I'm going to post a Daft Punk music replacement mix for Pocket D. EDIT: OK - it would help things IMMENSELY if you would use something to compress your program OTHER th
  8. Ok here's the deal - one of the things that SCORE apparently did in the 6 years in the wilderness was experiment with the graphics. (And untangling the game code as best they could. And removing all the pay-to-play elements etc.) One of the more interesting things they've done is add a cel shader option! Where is it? Well I'll show you. Below - see under "Experimental Graphics Settings" where it says "Cel Shader"? Click on "Disabled" in order to Enable this area. So - let's check out the differences. Let me bring my namesake character out, which is a big anime styled
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