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  1. Ok here's the deal - one of the things that SCORE apparently did in the 6 years in the wilderness was experiment with the graphics. (And untangling the game code as best they could. And removing all the pay-to-play elements etc.) One of the more interesting things they've done is add a cel shader option! Where is it? Well I'll show you. Below - see under "Experimental Graphics Settings" where it says "Cel Shader"? Click on "Disabled" in order to Enable this area. So - let's check out the differences. Let me bring my namesake character out, which is a big anime styled robot. The following is without the cel shader. And now - with the default settings for the Cel shader on: Here's the open environment with the default cel shading elements going. Now that's pretty extreme. But you can tone that WAY back. The following still has the cel shading and the outlines, but the over-saturated colors are removed. And here it is with everything BUT the actual cel shader back down to normal. So as you can see, you can tailor this new set of options to your own personal taste. Have fun!
  2. Don't know why - but this reminds me of this bit from The Venture Brothers. :D
  3. That's exactly the powerset I would go with for Ultraman! And the alt-costume slot idea is killer! For Jet Jaguar I thought Martial arts would be cool. But ultimately I went with Street Justice for the screen caps. And I think if I made him that's what I would go with. That massive T9 Uppercut is just the thing to send Megalon flying! :D
  4. The other recent request was related to Ultraman, at least by genre. See - there's this one Godzilla movie from the early 70s which obviously wanted an Ultraman of its own. There have even been rumours over the years that if the film had done better, they might've spun this character off into his own TV or movie series. The movie was Godzilla vs Megalon - and the character request was an interpretation of this guy: JET JAGUAR I loved this guy! This was my childhood. Saturday afternoons one of the local independent stations in the area would play at least one or two Godzilla films. And so I saw Megalon multiple times before I was 8 yrs old. Sadly he just doesn't hold up on his own merits nearly as well as Ultraman. But there's always been POTENTIAL there! And he's still a fan favorite - appearing in multiple Godzilla videogames and the like. But how to interpret him in COH? The rubber suit-mation look just doesn't look like a proper robot, really. And the Michilin Man inner tube legs and arms - no no no. That's GOT to GO. Ultimately I got a lot of inspiration from the following image - a truly mecha version of Jet Jaguar that still encompasses the high points of the character and leaves no doubt of who it is, even while being so different. So - here's my first attempt at a Jet Jaguar: I might yet tweak this a bit, but for a first go, I think it's not too bad! So what do you all think? Does that work?
  5. Giant Robot Mecha style characters are something I'm becoming known for. And we now have TONS of options for doing them right. (Mecha costume set and Clockwork are enormously useful tools for that sort of look.) But I got two requests recently for character types from Japan that gave me a bit of a challenge. Here's the first one - ULTRAMAN From the original rubber suit fighting other rubber suit kaiju types - To sleek newer designs that have more sleek armor (but are still "rubber suit" underneath) To something much more "Mecha" like. There's almost no wrong way to make an Ultraman design. But there do seem to be a few standard rules: There's got to be a helmet of sleek "swept-back" design with somewhat oversized oval eyes (that sometimes glow). A stylized "mouth" should always be a part of the design. The suit should always be of slim build even if it's a "mecha". No oversized feet or shoulder armor or back thrusters like a Gundam - it should look like it fits on a human actor - even if it isn't. There always has to be a "power crystal" in the center of the chest - like Tony Stark's Arc Reactor on the Iron Man suits. If there's more than one Ultraman in a story - the main hero should be in silver and red. So with that in mind - this is what I came up with: You could add a lot to this costume and not break the above rules. But this is the basic look I came up with first. I look forward to seeing if anyone takes up this idea and adds to it! I do not have this character in-game. This is a design challenge. If you like what you see, feel free to use it for inspiration!
  6. A space pirate should have a space suit on hand, yes? Not something you'll see often. But as it's also a general environmental suit, I may drag it out in trips to the sewers.
  7. Have you tried out Winamp? It's an older program. It's outdated. Not really updated. But it WORKS and works well.
  8. Some time back, I had the question pop into my head "What if a Circle of Thorns mage got a hold of a Carnival of Shadows mask and was dumb enough to try it on?" Well first off, I heard Bill Murray's Venkman character from Ghostbusters in my head: "There's at least two people in there already." :D Then I did the mash-up and took a screenshot in the powers display: I've got a name for this character already and have been waiting for the alt-i-tus to roll around to play her: "Clown of Thorns". Don't hurt me. :D
  9. Dude! THIS is the sort of thing that INSPIRES! I LOVE it when some one raises the bar! I showed it was POSSIBLE to do a Zaku - but you did it RIGHT!!! That HELMET! You even got the HEAT AXE right! INCREDIBLE!! I salute you, sir! :D
  10. You mean this? Pretty nice! Here's my dream car:
  11. I have varied tastes. So here's a sample of recent wallpapers -
  12. If you are creating an alternative costume for an existing character - and the costume starts to stray too much from the original character? DO NOT THROW THE COSTUME AWAY. Save it! It might become an entirely NEW CHARACTER! I was noodling around in the CC a few years ago - and thought - "I wonder what it would look like if my Praetorian former Loyalist Cop Sassinak became an Ouroboros Mender?" Here's the original costume: Here's some progression: At this point I thought - "let's bring the original palette back". It's at this point I started to think I was onto something entirely different. Let's make the hair black and use the tech "Pirate" eye crystal and an aura: "Okay..." said I to myself, "... this is NOT the same character. I've got something new here. Instead of Sassinak, I picked a new name for the file - Captain Azure Dupree." A little more tweaking - throwing on a high collar and a red cape liner under the skull and crossbones cape and I've got the finished character: Also - save costume files with an eye towards the future. Sometimes inspiration drops happen MONTHS apart. I had this knocking around for awhile both as a character and as an experimental water blaster: Yeah... pretty bland, eh? A palette change was all it took to start the gears turning: But it still took a few more weeks before my subconscious finally clicked on the solution: So - save, save, and save again. Don't be afraid to put something aside and play something else for awhile and then come back to it. Established character tweaks can become entirely new and different characters! Sometimes color is everything.
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