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New themed base editor statues

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So I Got to thinking , The admins have given their reasons as to why they can’t make demon NPCs for the base editor, it basically comes down to the random NPC generator, meaning that even if you placed demon NPC in this spot, the next time you enter he/she will be human again. So I got to thanking, instead of actual NPCs , how about new themed statues ?  So like a bunch of Circle of Thorns Demon statues? This would allow me to have the demons I need for my base’s aesthetics . And , please, if you can make the themed demon statues tintable , that way I can give them the red coloring needed. Please Admins, can you guys do at least this much. Please. It would really, really help the overall aesthetic of my base. 

thank you for for your time. 
signed: Hell Lord Satan, of the super group: Hell’s Demonic Legions on the Excelsior server. 

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