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  1. I've enabled .ogg uploads on the wiki, though I'm surprised these didn't just come over from the import from Paragon Wiki.. I'll see if I can get the original files, so that they don't all have to be re-uploaded.
  2. That is 100% *not* the patch notes for the Beta server. If you look @ the server list in HCLauncher, you'll see that Beta is marked as "Issue 27, Page 2 - 27.2.3865". The current release of HC is Issue 27, Page 1. Beta currently has the page 2 beta.
  3. "No False Pages found" I grabbed a snapshot of the DB, and ran a query to delete all pages between the 2 indexes you indicated above. Thank you for the investigative work!
  4. Wow this is super late, if you've already got help elsewhere awesome, but just in case https://forums.homecomingservers.com/gameaccount/ This page should not let you enter a name any longer than the maximum. You don't log into the game with your Forum username, but with the account name you setup on that page.
  5. A Discord user "Devidose" and I have verified this was changed, though I do not think it was intentional. On my server I reverted a commit that was supposed to drop a SO on arc completion and ran a CoT trial, and got a recipe on trial completion. I've let the other devs know.
  6. /release calls respawnYes(0), clicking the "Go To Base" button calls respawnYes(1). There is no slash command defined that calls "respawnYes(1)".
  7. The modified date there looks wrong for sure. I have ALSO made a even cruder replacement texture https://drive.pc-logix.com/s/SP7NpqKYeXZnNnz Which would go in the same path above of course. The file was modified 12/05
  8. We have basically exactly this template currently: https://fbsa.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Template:ReldinBox All of these are just templates, and associated templates that they require to work.
  9. If you're seeing 'Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN' the issue is likely some DNS Server up stream of you returning an old IP Address. Not much anyone can do for that other than changing which DNS Server you're using.
  10. You can also drop this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/572111085918879767/780960976928505876/map_V_PvP_03_01.texture file in the above path to fix this until a new Map Pack update can be released. I basically snipped the badge text out, rotated the map, then pasted it back in. I did NOT rotate the badge location icons or the text in the map as I do not have access to the resources used to create them. All locations SHOULD still be accurate though.
  11. Cons: If the image is ever removed from the external host, it's gone the wiki does not cache them. If the webhost that hosts the image goes down, it's gone. If the website you're linking from ever gets annoyed with "Hotlinking" (Linking to a file directly which effectively steals bandwidth from them) and disables hotlinking your image gets replaced with whatever they want. If the website is not under your control the content can be replaced without you knowing. Etc. Pros; IDK... you don't have to spend the extra minute to just upload it?
  12. This is now possible by simply using the File Name from HCWiki: [[Image:Align_Status_Hero.png]] Which will pull the file from HCWiki directly https://fbsa.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/User_talk:Mimiru All images are included directly without me uploading them.
  13. I can likely increase the allowed image file sizes. Edit: I have bumped the size of gifs to 100,000,000 pixels total. Please let me know if this is enough. Edit Edit: I've also allowed for uploading .mp4 and .webms directly which should help as well. Edit Edit, Edit: I've also allowed External images.
  14. Well, I've finished the initial prototype, it works well enough in my testing. If you want to test this, and you have already sorted your characters you may want to backup your existing playerslot.txt, I've not had issues myself though. https://drive.pc-logix.com/s/WFMwS8eeabDc5nr Currently it supports sorting characters alphabetically, or you can drag and drop them. Since there isn't any other information available in the playerslot.txt that's all I can really offer currently.
  15. I'm currently working on something to do just this please excuse the very early screenshot: It looks for a 'playerslot.txt' in any folder in your City of Heroes install (it tries to guess where it is based on where Tequila says, if it can't find the path it will prompt you for it. It then lists any folder it finds the file in as an "Account" then it will further break down per server and then you can sort your characters in the List View.
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