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Base Crawl!


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The Base CR's, Easter Bunny and Dacy, are holding a base crawl for the contest! What's a base crawl, you ask? We will be visiting each of the bases in the Community Choice contest together, talking about the bases and making sure we point out every area you can access, so you don't miss any, answering questions, until we've visited 5 of them on each weekday session. Then we'll visit all of them on Saturday's session in one big crawl! After each crawl, we will have a trivia contest about the bases we saw, with prizes!


The crawls start in Kallisti Wharf, on the central island, near the bridge with the raised drawbridge between the central and eastern islands.  Wednesday and Thursday, the bases are all on Everlasting. Friday, the bases are all on Excelsior. Saturday, we'll start with the Excelsior bases, then go over and finish with the Everlasting bases.  Here is the schedule:


Wednesday, April 26, 7 PM EST   CrashCastle

     (On Everlasting)                      The Dark Coven

                                                     The Deep Star

                                                     Dryad's Tree



Thursday, April 27, 2 PM EST       Firebrand Island

        (On Everlasting)                   Hidden Isle


                                                     Rampage City

                                                     Vault Luxe


Friday, April 28, 10 PM EST          The Divine

           (On Excelsior)                    Shades of Arachnos

                                                     The Station

                                                     Super Nation

                                                     Wild West All-Stars


Saturday, April 29, 2 PM EST    All of the above, but we'll start with the Excelsior group.


Afterwards, stay for a trivia game! There will be prizes. And after you've toured, be sure to vote! Voting closes on Saturday, and we'll award the winning bases on Sunday, April 30 at 5 PM EST in Kallisti, near the Statesman Statue. See you there!


We spread it out in an effort to 1) not do too much at one time and 2) give people with different work schedules a chance to make at least one, and  yes, that means it's likely that someone won't be able to make one of them, and we hope people will see the bases on their own if they can't see them with us. Truly, the response so far has been really awesome already, we just hope this helps more people see the awesome work that's out there!


Community Representatives
 Dacy      &     Easter Bunny


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I'm sorry, I messed up. I had thought I'd set the contest to end at the end of Saturday. Instead, my brain did the wrong calculus and set it to end at midnight on Saturday. Which is the beginning of Saturday, not the end.


So, the scheduled base crawl for Saturday has much less point to it, when people cannot then go and vote. EB and I did three sets of base crawls, and we've been working really hard, so we asked the base owners (most of which I've heard back from) and they agreed, we won't do the crawl on Saturday. That was going to be hours more of time, including that I'd have to edit down tours even farther to be able to fit all 15 bases in. So we are not doing the crawl, however, I still want to encourage you all, go see the bases. Heck, go see all of the contestants if you can take the time. We hope to see a good many of you on Sunday, April 30, for the announcements of the winners in Kallisti Wharf at 5 PM EST. Yes, I'm sure of the time this time. 🙂



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