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Homecoming Launcher Patch Notes for April 30, 2023

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  • Homecoming Team

Version 5439




  • Fix a critical error introduced in the last update that can cause a crash when the 32-bit launcher version is run on a 32-bit OS.

    This was caused by a Windows 7+ function that's resolved dynamically in order to maintain XP/wine compatibility being called with an incorrect calling convention on 32-bit.

    Especially egregious because this is a problem that was already fixed in the underlying library, and also in the copy of it that's linked with the game client itself, but somehow the merge into the launcher ended up using the unfixed version. I am a dummy.


Since it's something that doesn't happen until after the UI starts, if you're running the 32-bit launcher and crashing on startup, the self-repair mechanism should kick in and self-update to the fixed version. If for some reason it doesn't and you're still stuck in a crash loop, the easiest fix is to delete settings\launcher\packages\launcher.json which will force a self repair cycle.

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