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Could I get some feedback on my Plant/Poison build ? Pretty Please ?

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Hello folks,


Any feedback or opinions on this build would be most welcome. I've hit a wall that I need second opinions to break.



Alraune - Controller (Plant Control).mxd

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What sort of feedback are you seeking?


Low hanging fruit :

Swap in contagious confusion - For seeds it lets you 1 shot aoe confuse bosses frequently, for a short duration. Gives a bit more ranged def which seems to be one of your goals.

Drop neuro breath - it keeps you out of range for using venomous gas+poison trap. But it also impedes confused enemies from killing each other. One of the best things about the combo is that it leverages confusion so well with lots of -res and -def without really impeded enemies with excessive knockdowns/slows/etc. Spawns just implode.

Accuracy - You probably want a bit of acc in creepers. Global acc bonuses dont transfer to it and you don't do a ton of aoe -def on the scale of size that creepers can cover. I actually ended up going nerve on my plant/poison because I wanted to enjoy the procs so much. But vigor might be an even better fit.


More obscure:

I think flytrap is junk

I prefer stone app over ice especially if you embrace the melee nature of the combo.

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Thanks for the feedback ! I didn't consider the interaction of slow and confuse, I was just thinking of the damage mitigation. Makes sense though, I'll definitely get rid of Breath for something else. And I'd already wondered if Creepers would need more Acc, so thanks for confirming that. 

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Without knowing what the build is for, what sets to keep or if you want to be ranged/melee I'll give my opinion. The build looks like it hits most of the highlights of the combo. Procced Carrion Creepers. Procced Poison Trap. Leveraging Venomous Gas. Rune of Protection for cc protection and to keep VG up. It seems like you're trying to push the dmg side of things.


Endurance recovery is a bit low, and no Panacea proc. Accuracy vs +4 is a bit up and down on some abilities. Could pick up Tactics. Definitely consider dropping: the Breath, Spirit Tree isn't very useful, and Elixir of Life - it has a crash, unless you just want a rez. RoP doesn't benefit from rech slotting, just stick the Gladiator's Armor in it. Overpowering Presence is rarely worth slotting, go Coercive. A 2 slot Blessing of the Zephyr in a travel power is easy range defense/knockback prot. Try to find 2 slots for a Panacea in Health and a recharge in Hasten, it's worth.


Controller's benefit from more recharge in general, but you have a fast Seeds and Poison Trap for CC and mitigation, so it may be less important. You still want some recharge in Creeper's though to try and make it perma. Possibly go accuracy/recharge slotting from a proc set to get a side bonus and lower overall procs to 4. I'd pick either ranged or s/l/melee defense and lean into it more, it will open up other slotting options. I'll throw out a few things to consider for both.


Melee: Keep Sorcery for RoP, the CC prot will help keep up VG which is important. Lower some of the ranged defense in favor of recharge and s/l defense. Get rid of the 3 powers from earlier and go with something like Ice Storm, Tactics, Vengeance for LotG. Beef up Tough for s/l res.


Ranged: Drop Sorcery and go for more of a Hover angle. Melee ranged is something like 7?ft, VG has a 15ft radius. You can effectively hover out of melee and still hit enemies with it, 15ft is still tight but do-able. RoP is less needed in a ranged situation. The only thing to ground for is Poison Trap but you can Seeds first and still waltz right in. Switch out some of the sets like Sovereign Right for Expedient Reinforcement and beef up ranged and recharge. Try to rely less on pure slotting Thunderstrike's. Take a resist epic and beef up s/l res, take a blast and aoe from there. Still try to fit in Tactic's etc.


This should at least give you some idea's on options you can take.

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