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About the latest two story arcs

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First and foremost. Again, thanks for all your hard work and giving us new content, I do appreciate it. Also, the rogue arc was incredible (granted, it would have fitted blue side better, any hero would help an investigative reporter with such a case).


The vigilante arc shows considerable improvement in your blue-side writing (previous ones were kinda like you hated heroes and there was no way to do the right thing without the dialog punishing you for it and calling you a stooge). I have pointers on how it could be improved, and hey all boil down to one question: WWBD?




When the Longbow squad tries to push their weight around, "Batman" would have shut them down reminding them that Longbow is, for all purposes that matter, a rogue PMC: An "armed branch" of an NGO (the Freedom Corps) with no legal authority at all and that the UN only allows to exist because Miss Liberty formed them specifically to siege Etoile (which is the only reason why NATO bankrolls them, they're outsourcing their Forever War). In fact, you can validly argue that they cross the Rubicon every time they operate within U.S borders.


When the hero finds the child, "Batman" would have found a way to convince him to do the right thing (which he already did once, with a reality warper), brought the doctor to Justice, and hopefully arrange a happy ending for the child by finding a solution with GIFT (no, the government wouldn't have hired the doctor since CoH is not an iron age comic or a Snyder movie, otherwise Malta would be invincible forever and ever and and Crimson's arc would end up in you disappearing to never be seen again). Mind you, it actually surprised me it wasn't a Malta plot in the end, when it started, the whole thing had "Malta" written all over its face since they're the main interested parties in a "cure" for metahumans (with all abhorrent implications).


Anyway. Again, thanks for the arcs (again, I loved the rogue arc) and I trust future arcs will be even better.

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