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  1. (EDITED: Because seemingly it was all a freak incident and Khan's team size never got downsized to 4. Probably a mistake on my part mixed with an unverified report by a source I won't blame because honestly it was my fault for not properly verifying it. I apologize).
  2. TFW Karen demands to see the city's manager because it's not baby-proofed:
  3. I can live without those ATs but.... THOSE NEW COSTUME PIECES. I'd kill to have those in HC... and giant people, and micro people. Is there a possibility of stealing at least some of those pieces and put them together in a mod? PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePl
  4. Also, for your consideration ARC ID 18920 - Family Reunion Years ago, Praetorian Earth's citizenry moved in to our world after their planet was nuked into oblivion. When two worlds merge, however, it was inevitable their organized crime groups would eventually follow suit. (an attempt to advance the game's metaplot)
  5. For your Consideration: Arc ID 33690 - Ball and Chain Those who want power should never have it, especially those sure that they know what's best for everyone. Beware the magical intelligentsia. (An attempt to advance the game's metaplot).
  6. (edited, because I just realized old NPCs don't have access to all animations) On that note, how do I delete an opening post here?
  7. Removing (or, at least giving this restriction a larger slack) would give modders an easier time give us better-looking costume pieces. Now, I won't presume to know the first thing about coding and I don't know the side effects this would have on the jenga on fire that is the game's code... but in the slightest possibility this was feasible, consider it perhaps?
  8. Was the "ally"/"rescued" animation option removed? I can no longer find the part to assign starting (or rescued) animations to NPCs you meet.
  9. First submission of the month! Arc name: Family Reunion ARC ID: 18920 Global ID: @White Nightingale Description: Years ago, Praetorian Earth's citizens moved in to our world after their planet was nuked into oblivion. When two worlds merge, however, it was inevitable their organized crime groups would eventually follow suit.
  10. Mods are exclusively local assets, and replace existing costume parts, and for people to see them, they need the same mod installed in their client... the best part is that mods don't require the HC devs to lift a finger (that's why I'm calling for modders) and they give the HC team plausible deniability. We can have better things without getting HC in legal trouble.
  11. There might be a hundred reasons why, on the devs' side, we may never see new/renovated costume pieces. These reasons go from legal (remember HC is a public, legal entity) to "tinkering with the game's code is like playing Jenga on fire." All of these reasons are perfectly legitimate. Modders, on the other hand, would be under considerably less scrutiny. Not only that, anyone who had the fortune of enjoying Neverwinter Night's private servers know that client-side mods are considerably less complex that modifying the base code (also they wouldn't raise the minimum machine requireme
  12. Nevermind, it seemed to be an isolated incident that night. The full syntax of what I was doing is /emote <emote>$$local <dialogue> Still, no idea what happened.
  13. All night, the game is no longer showing animations when doing /e emote$$local text line. Did something break on last patch?
  14. Several missions throughout the game feature bosses you're not meant to be able to defeat in that particular mission (like Reichsman on Dr. Khan's mission 2). Can we get something like that in AE? While I'm at it, perhaps AE could be put up to date on mobs (several post-Praetoria NPCs missing) and zones? (like the ruined Magisterium from the iTrial or the heart of the Hamidon from i25's last story arc). Anyway, just some more requests for the pile. It's great to see all the love bases keep getting, let's just not neglect AE.
  15. The rumors about how soon all custom mobs are going to receive unreasonable buffs and up to double damage only get louder by the week (at my neck of the woods, at least), and now I can't help growing concerned. Among the rumors I heard, one is that this whole predicament is just a side-effect of a move to streamline the way all mobs work under a single system... which would usually be something I can get behind and actually sounds necessary in the "Jenga on Fire" that is CoX' source code, just please consider the consequences? Being Everlasting the "unofficial RP server
  16. https://www.mmogames.com/gamenews/ncsoft-filed-trademark-application-city-heroes-west/ We may need to start preparing to relocate and prepare alternate communication channels. Just saying.
  17. MALL OF TOMORROW (Everlasting sever, work in progress) MALL-5912 A strip mall for your consumerist RP needs. Still a WIP, but functional enough. Open to adding additional businesses on request.
  18. Don't use Invisible Mode, NPCs won't react to your proximity if you do, which means you have no means to experience how the game will behave to regular players.
  19. I'm talking about the one in blasters' Ninja Training set. It just has no animation, it shows nothing on execution. I know the staff is probably too busy, but here's to hoping. It's really annoying having a power with a dead animation where only the floating numbers tell you if something even happened.
  20. Just so we're on the same page, here's the main requisite I'm looking in a "combat teleport power." Instant, so it can be used for Get In/Get Out situations (no 2 seconds animation, because then if you're getting in, combat is already halfway through and all mobs are already dispersed so your entrance is worthless, and it'd also be worthless as escape because in 2 seconds of taking non-stop attacks all you get is appearing dead on the other side). The AoE is "nice," but I definitely can live without it. All I want is the instant movement.
  21. After trying Martial Training on Blasters, the Burst of Speed power is not only much too good (almost instant and spammable to a degree)... the Teleport pool power also needs a "combat teleport" (after all, X-Men's Nightcrawler is a thing). It's okay if it's a diminished version (less range, only 2 uses before entering cooldown), but plenty of characters need it (especially melee ones... sorry if I mention the-game-that-should-not-be-named, but "lunge" powers really make a difference for melee types). I know Athletics has one... but the 2 minutes cooldown really kills m
  22. I'm not sure the talks with NC are a good idea to begin with. They can still feign ignorance as long as neither party makes waves, but knocking at their door like this might just be the team turning themselves in. We're still talking about the pettiest publisher in the industry, I don't think the team would get a license (let alone the IP) with anything short of handing them the Garriots' head on a platter.
  23. Define "legitimate and licensed"? Are we talking about Homecoming as a business? Because I'm not sure how to feel about that. I'm not sure it would work in this day and age. For starters, the graphic engine would need a major overhaul (as in, skeletons with enough points to allow layers, and perhaps fingers) and that kind of endeavor always takes several years by itself unless you have an army of code monkeys working day in and day out specifically on that (like Blizzard did with WoW, Anarchy Online tried to do it the "soft way" and they never finished theirs). Also, yo
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