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Reduce the Activation Time of Mind Link

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For Night Widows especially, a 3.67 cast time to apply a necessary buff in the middle of combat is excessive. Being in melee and having to stop for nearly 4 seconds while enemies are beating down on me, or being locked in place for nearly 4 seconds while enemies begin to flee, is incredibly frustrating and seems unnecessary.

The only defensive set with a power that has a similarly long cast time (that I could find), that isn't a toggle, is Electric Armor's Power Sink. That actually has a longer 3.828 second cast time; however, it's not a necessary buff. It's a situational power.

I know Widows are not a pure melee AT, and Mind Link is a support power as much as it is a personal defense buff. Even then, a very comparable support set power is Farsight from Time Manipulation, and that only has a 2.03 second cast time.

3.67 seconds seems excessive. Make it more in line with Farsight!

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