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Fire/Time leveling question


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While leveling up, Fire Breath is great, take it, slot it, learn to aim it and destroy some spawns.  Endgame it's still useful as well to clear minions when solo.  You should be able to fit it into most builds.  If you see a fire build without Fire breath in endgame it's because the animation is a little slow and the DoT ticks a little slow, which is less useful when you're clearing things so fast with incarnated teammates.  Leveling up, you will get good use out of it because spawns aren't cleared at this accelerated rate.  You need to decide for yourself whether you want to keep it after leveling up.  Personally I'm a little torn, but lean toward keeping it.

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Fire Breath is mainly left out on account of its long animation time. In the time it takes to FB you could hurl a few blasts. As your Recharge time drops as you fine tune the character, its harder and harder to justify 2.67 seconds on a cone with limited range. Also, that late in the game, reaction time matters a lot more for getting out of death patches and the like, and anything over 2 seconds spent on a power needs a lot of jusitification--especially in a set like Fire where many of the other attacks are very quick.


If Firebreath animated in 1 second, it would be a different story.

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