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Requesting build for concept toon


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Im working on a concept for a new character but im terrible at builds, slotting etc. My concept would require savage melee / ice or rad. Does anyone have any builds i can run through Mids or , if anyone has any spare time, make up a build i could use through mids?

Would really appreciate any help as , like i say, im terrible with making builds 

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one way to learn at it, is to buy up the attuned versions of IO sets, that you'll use all the time, and uniques for health, tough/weave etc.  you can /respec when fed up with a character and get them all out if slots... then email them to your global name.


then slot as you level up!  apart from being way stronger than you would be without, you'll end up crafting a build based on what you actually use, and derive a build from your playstyle.


on the shopping list:

* your archetype origin enhancements (both sets)

 --> its often good to put these in an ability you use a lot, with a recharge of ~10-12s or thereabouts. theres optimal, but basically you want at the procs per minute aligned with base recharge as a ballpark.


* stuff for health:

 --> miracle unique

 --> numinas unique

 --> panacea unique

 --> preventative med unique

>>> for these, if youve a set your building for an autopower/toggle, move it to there instead of health, but basically an 'always on' skill. if you 6 slot a power you like that you have on always, consider preventative medicine as the one, as its 6 slot is a decent amount of recharge.


* stuff for stamina:

  --> 2 performance shifter

  --> the end mod, and the chance + end


* stuff for tough:

 --> unbreakable guard 7.5% hp

 --> shield wall +tp prot/def


* stuff for weave:

 --> the scaling dmg resist one

 --> the cheap one theres 3 of, skip knockback protection, the other 2

 --> a luck of the gambler global recharge


ive forgotten some and names, but you get the idea. youll use these on nearly every character, kupo.


for the rest, buy cheapo sets as you dial stuff in, they often have quite good base resists in them.


the pvp sets are great if your into that, and you can wear them super low level, at level 7.


winter IOs are similar, but expensive. they can also be upgraded to a 'you must be lvl 50' version.


honestly, play about with it, build a kit of attuned enh you can shift about, and youll be less in mids and more in game looking at combat attribs - and will get in your head a measure of where youre at.


good luck, and have fun, kupo.






honoroit the fantastic

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