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Power Origin Points

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He Folks,


Soverus here. Been playing CoH since i1 and there was always something I wished the devs would make possible and I'm bringing it to you. Now, The plausibility of this is there, as we already have most, if not all, of the animations required already in game. I'm requesting the addition of origin points for your powers from your character. Specifically, I'm requesting the ability to toggle it so blaster-related powers can be directed from a gun. This would immensely increase the scope of creativity and the role-play community by having characters that do not in themselves have powers, but have a gun that fires these powers off (ie; a DUST Cannon that shoots Ice powers). You could essentially re-use the animations from AR and BR. It would essentially work in a way that you would need a trigger to allow the Weapon menu to show for non-AR/DP/BR Ranged powers and then the power origin would change in the Powers customization section as an Alt animation.


I'm just saying, with something like this, you could have Warshades with basically a Quantum rifle acting like Void Hunters.


That's it. Just something I've always wanted to see. Thanks!





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