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Teaming styles!


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What kind of teams do you like?  the no nonsense move through and kill'em all teams....or the slower moving teams that leave time for banter?


Personally, I like the second :)  of course it is easier with me since I only team with support or ranged toons. (I won't subject others to my pathetic attempts to play a melee toon LOL - which can be a bit awkward since all of my support toons are female (ie Doc Uzi, Mercy Vengeance, Angel Sprite) while most of my melee toons are male LOL)


in any case, I find that I have more fun with teams that interact with each other more than simply rushing through a mish.


I have to say, I have met some fantastic people on Torch...and while I do jump every once in a while to Everlasting (seems most of my old Virtue friends ended up there) I think I will continue to call Torch my new home :) 

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