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Homecoming Launcher constantly updating?

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I admit to playing COH on some unconventional hardware.  Namely a SteamDeck and a GDP Win4 handheld Windows device.  It's my "minimalist" computing hobby.


For about the past 2 months, on both the SteamDeck and the Win4 device, the Homecoming launcher -constantly- wants to update.  There are no new updates.  But it seems to think there are so I have to wait for it to update to the same version I played last time.


I wouldn't mind it so much if I was just burning hotel WiFi but more often I'm burning my 5G/LTE data plan since I'm tethered to my phone's hotspot function.


Is there a way to make an update "stick" somehow and I'm just missing the setting?

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10 hours ago, Captain Fabulous said:

There have been 2 updates the past week.


Am aware.


But if I logged in every day for past 15 days and I've had 15 updates....I can't find any record of 15 updates in 15 days.


So, what else could be happening?

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Depends how you installed it.  Steam Deck, only detail I know is there are two places that are "safe" from SteamOS/Holo Updates:

-- Anything saved in Userspace (/home directory)

-- Any apps not a part of your Steam installation have to be installed as Flatpak apps (using the Discover application.)  While City of Heroes cannot be installed as a Flatpak, a Lutris installation in the Discover app will survive a system update. 


Installing apps using pacman, shell scripts, and other methods are not recommended.  (Next major Holo update that reimages the Steam Deck will wipe it off the SSD, so you'd need to reinstall it every 60-120 days.)


The tricky part is finding where Homecoming is.  If you installed it yourself using .wine, it could be in /home/.wine/drive_c/Games/Homecoming/bin/bin64/launcher.exe (bin64 assumes you use the 64 bit client.) 


If you launch it from Lutris, it will be in /home/Games/city-of-heroes/drive_c/Games/Homecoming/bin/bin64/launcher.exe (Again with bin64, and "city-of-heroes" assumes that is how your launcher is named in Lutris.)


There are other ways to install it which all make the destination vary.  But as long as the game itself is behind /home it'll live through SteamOS updates.


TL;DR: Check your launching method.  HC Install may be running instead of HC Launcher, causing you to 'reinstall' HC every time you launch it seems.  Check the launcher shortcut wherever it is and see if it's running HCInstall.exe instead of where HC Launcher should be installed.

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