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Guide to Accolades and More


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I originally made this guide for my own use because I was unsatisfied with the other accolade guides I came across. Eventually I expanded to include more than just accolades. It contains some random but useful info for players like me that don't have a ton of experience and in-game knowledge.


*Use Vidiot Maps for History Plaques/Exploration Badges!*
Atlas Medallion/Marshall +5 max endurance
Go for Atlas Medallion
Spelunker: 'Rescue the Mystic from the Circle of Thorns' Ouroboros Flashback Arc (Level 14, 10-14 0.02): Complete the first mission to get the badge.
The Silver Bullet (200 War Wolves): Hunt in Striga Isle, or do the Moonfire TF.
The Slayer (200 Vampyres): Hunt Equinox in Striga Isle at night, or do the Moonfire TF.
Pupil: History Plaques
        Atlas Park [511, 5, -1151]
        Echo: Galaxy City [-752, 5, -1550]
        Kings Row [-170, -42, -1467]
        Kings Row [-400, 4, 1760]
        Perez Park [-1174, -29, 2252]
Top Dog: Exploration Badge
        Atlas Park [134, 314, -340]


Portal Jockie/Born In Battle +5% max HP and +5 max endurance
Go for Portal Jockie
Multidimensional: 'Hydra Dimension' Ouroboros Flashback Arc (Level 45, 40-49 1.10): Enter and exit the mission after you get the badge; it takes a short time before it is given to you.
Shrouded: 'Black Shroud Dimension' Ouroboros Flashback Arc (Level 50, 50 1.17): Enter and exit the mission after you get the badge; it takes a short time before it is given to you.
Dimensional Warder: Ouroboros Flashback Arcs
        'Instant Army' (Level 45, 40-49 18.54): Complete the entire arc of 11 missions for Antimatter. Alternatively, join the Keyes' iTrial.
        'A Hero’s Hero' (Level 50, 50 1.15): Finish the 3rd mission for Siege.
        'A Hero’s Epic' (Level 50, 50 21.36): Complete all 11 missions in the arc for the other AV's.
Scholastic: History Plaques
        Founders' Falls [1725, -8, 2400]
        Brickstown [-229, 8, -370]
        Brickstown [-3463, 4, 2062]


Freedom Phalanx Reserve/High Pain Threshold +10% max HP
Go for High Pain Threshold
Bad Luck: 'The Unlucky Artifact' Ouroboros Flashback Arc (Level 34, 30-34 6.68): One short mission to defeat Tavaris while aligned as a villain.
Gangbuster (200 Family Minion/LT): Hunt in 'Marconeville' in Port Oakes
Spider Smasher (200 Wolf Spiders): Hunt in 'Oil Spill' in SW Port Oakes
Unbroken Spirit: Pay off 200,000 debt
Technofreak: History Plaques
        Cap au Diable [923, 21, -1422]
        Cap au Diable [-2428, 224, -932]
        Cap au Diable [2345, 3, 1544]
Freak of Nature: Exploration Badge
        Sharkhead Isle [1229, 90, -2183]
Locked and Loaded: Exploration Badge
        Nerva Archipelago [3286, 126, 3645]


Task Force Commander/Invader +5% max HP
Go for Invader
To access the contact who will give all mayhem missions, as a hero talk to Dakota Berg in Brisckstown. On the 3rd mission of the arc set the difficulty to -1/x8 to get the Hero Slayer badge. As a villain speak to Lord Schweinzer in Port Oakes. Do each mayhem mission using Reveal to collect all 9 exploration badges, then the Invader badge will be rewarded.


Patron Power Pools: As a villain speak to Arbiter Rein in Grandville and read the 4 plaques before choosing your mentor. Black Scorpion has a slightly shorter/easier arc than the other contacts.


'Burden of the Past' Ouroboros Flashback Arc (Level 50, 50 22.07): Random rarity Incarnate salvage is rewarded upon completion of all 4 missions; it should take 10-15 minutes. Reveal is highly recommended for the first mission, the rest of the maps don't change.


'Nemesis Rex' Ouroboros Flashback Arc (Level 45, 40-49 1.07): Use the portal inside Ouroboros to get to the first mission map. Reset the first mission to farm Fake Nemesis; set Notoriety to Solo Bosses at -1/8.
1) Save 4 endangered civilians.
2) Defeat 20 Nemesis for info; hunt at the docks on Peregrine Island.
3) Save the imprisoned scientist; ignore the glowie computers and Fake Nemesis Rex.
4) Go to Peregrine Island and speak to Tina Macintyre
5) "Adjust" the 6 glowie portal devices and stop Nemesis Rex's incursion.
Unveiler: Defeat 100 Fake Nemisis.
True Nemesis: Complete Maxwell Christopher's story arc in Founder's Falls, or 'Nemesis Rex' in Ouroboros.


Zombie Apocalypse: Katie Hannon's TF will spawn zombies in a random hero zone; Virgil Tarikoss' SF will spawn zombies in a random villain zone.
Glimpsed the Abyss: Take down 100 Zombie Minions.
Safety In Numbers: Take out 33 Zombie LT.
Evil's Resident: Defeat 25 Zombie Bosses.
Apocalypse Survivor: Help take down a Zombie Elite.


'A Tangled Plot' Katie Hannon TF Guide (LVL 30-34):
'Crossing Over (Croatoa, Ch. 4)' Ouroboros Flashback Arc (Level 34, 30-34 5.04): Unlocks access to Katie's TF.
1) Rescue the 4 kidnapped citizens.
2) Collect  5 iron filled chests from Red Caps in cave, then take it to Gordon Bower at the University in Croatoa.
3) Travel to the spirit realm and rescue Walter Daschle.
4) Defeat Broadkin and his friends.
5) Rescue the 3 mystics, then protect Stone Henges from waves of enemies for the 15 minute timer duration; the Red Caps all come from the SE corner of the fence.
Go to Katie Hannon in Croatoa, accessible by train.
1) Defeat Mary MacComber 10 times; defeat enemies to get her attention.
2) Free Amy from the Red Caps in the cave.
3) Defeat all Red Caps in the cave.
4) Free Katie's soul from the Red Caps; fly over the enemies and destroy the Red Caps' Stone Henges to free her soul, then fly above the enemies again with her following to skip most of the combat.
Ten Times the Victor: Defeat Mary MacComber 10 times.
Cabalist: Complete Katie Hannon's Task Force in Croatoa.


'The Beast Beneath the Mountain' Virgil Tarikoss SF Guide (LVL 15-20):
Go to Virgil Tarikoss in Cap au Diable, accessible by either ferry or black helicopter.
1) Defeat all legacy in office and find ritual notes.
2) Find reason for circle attack; find foreman carl, and fight Attack Leader Zurabsal.
3) Find Padre Henri's journal and stop Investigator Toddsworth.
4) Collect the Circle book with their plan for Bat'Zul, and defeat Librarian Hazthri.
5) Kidnap portal technician, then take them to the portal computer.
6) Defeat Infernal, destroy 5 altars, then defeat Bat'Zul; clear tunnels and click the glowies to summon Bat'Zul.
Binder of Beasts: Defeat Bat'Zul.


I may or may not add to this guide further, but I hope what I have here is helpful. Thanks for reading, and take care!

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Nice cheat sheet!


9 hours ago, Revenant144 said:

On the 3rd mission of the arc set the difficulty to -1/x8 to get the Hero Slayer badge.

The lowest difficulty I’ve had success with is #/x3. 

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The Splintered Soul Project: (Nyght****) 21 and counting (18 max). 


DSorrow: “Give a man a build export and you feed him for a day, teach him to build and he's fed for a lifetime.

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22 minutes ago, Nyghtmaire said:

Nice cheat sheet!


The lowest difficulty I’ve had success with is #/x3. 

Oh cool, I've never actually tried a lower difficulty tbh.

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