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  1. Jerry Garcia - Deal This has been on my list of songs to learn for maybe, I don’t know, 15 years. Finally got around to it the other night after sampling some other songs in this list and a run through some St. Martial arcs.
  2. Specialization. Fire farms were popular on live, too (SS/Fire mainly, abusing Foot Stomp). /fire makes it simple to reach fire resistance cap, and fire defense can be covered with IOs. Burn + Aura + 2 more AoEs covers the rotation. The armor sets that correspond to equivalent defensive caps don’t tend to have the same offensive options in the armor. You can still build for S/L (I have a second build on my claws/fire brute with solftcapped melee and 90% S/L resistance), but it calls for other sacrifices.
  3. The benefit to necro/sonic is that, after the level 32 upgrade, your pets have a self-heal, extending their time before catastrophic failure. It’s not perfect, and positioning is still critical as @Demon Shell says above. With the +res procs added in (+35 max), the individual shields, and the resistance bubble, your pets are quite hardy (when -hit and +def procs are added in). Getting the mastermind’s defense at least within one defensive skittle (32.5), a necro/sonic is quite tanky with the help of bodyguard mode. You’re own healing can be addressed with either Life Drain or the medicine pool. In addition, the grave knights are excellent anchors for both Disruption Field and Sonic Repulsion (with the KD proc). With the Overwhelming Force proc in the zombies, it’s like 4 marauding bowling balls in a mass of pins. Make a circle around your victims. Stand at the edge of Supremacy range, the Lich 90 degrees around the circumference to catch the spawn in its cones, and send the rest into the scrum. Most of the time, it works!
  4. Masterminds can benefit greatly from both the additional control powers in the patron/epic pools, as well as the aforementioned res/Def shields. As an aside, my MMs have been perennially jealous of the patron pet choices other ATs have access to. Lillies need gilding sometimes...
  5. Flaming Lips - Tribute to The Who (Tommy - excerpt)
  6. Nyghtmaire

    Kismet+6% Acc

    Also, running tactics (when combined with the Supremacy buff) means your pets require less accuracy slotting which permits more flexibility in slotting procs and the defense and resistance pet bonuses. Most pets are slot starved, so this added flexibility pays real dividends.
  7. Diamanda Galas - I Put a Spell on You
  8. Fully agree. Necro/Sonic is an *unsung* gem. Disruption Field and Sonic Repulsion (with the KB-KD IO slotted) on the grave knights is music to the ears.
  9. I’d guess there is a relatively inexpensive build that reaches perma-dom. What is your build?
  10. My favorite non-perma dom in live was an ice/thorns/ice. Played a little like a scrapper with liberal inspiration use. (But inf is so easy to come by, and the prices so much more reasonable, perma-dom is not some unattainable super-expensive end. It’s more planning than anything else. Purples NOT needed!)
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