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  1. @Doc Ranger I’m pleased as punch to see this (albeit from February) pairing. I’ve just recently returned to the game, and my earth/sonic/leviathan is my favorite controller. Not Def softcapped; merely focused on recharge. @Coyote and @oedipus_tex both speak truth though (as to the value of procs and the limitations of /sonic, respectively). Once I got the pet, it was relaxing to begin upping the difficulty solo, and teaming is a zen-like experience. I hope you tried it out. Here is the thread where the forumites here provided some much-appreciated advice:
  2. Deep Purple - Highway Star (It’s nice to be back... the latest *troubles* have really taken all my private and professional attention. Miss you all and this thread!)
  3. @Deadshot7 Here is the (historic) article explaining the enhancement diversification figures and diminishing returns: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Enhancement_Diversification Basically, it depends on the schedule of the enhancement. Heal is schedule “A.” Quoting from the article, “These bonus types will see a 10% reduction when the bonus is 70% or more, a 30% reduction at 90%, and an 85% reduction at 100% or greater. Specifically, if you put six even-level Single Origin enhancements in one power, they will enhance the power to the following degree: 33.33%, 33.33%, 28.33%, 4.99%, 4.99%, 4.99%.”
  4. @Tryna_Dugid I believe this is the build/post you were referring to regarding a farming build: Why do you want to you use a dominator for farming?
  5. I was waiting for this! The Damned - The Turkey Song
  6. Iggy and the Stooges (I mean really though... can’t we agree that this is just the Stooges... frickin’ Main Man...) - Death Trip
  7. @Heracleais right on the money. This way, all your alts are working together at all times to amass a functional way to slot up all your characters.
  8. Nyghtmaire

    Brute farmer

    Fire is still Queen for farming, for fire resists, burn and the damage aura. Bio also has *many* adherents. Many combinations are discussed in the linked thread. Dark would be less efficient: no spammable AOE, and Soul Drain boost becomes pointless for a damage boost since you will be eating red inspirations as fast as possible. See also:
  9. Check out the recommended builds in post #2. Another version (from the same post, just deeper in):
  10. Clearly, Golden Palm runs an SO only build and has not reached softcap. 😝
  11. I really like the layered nature of a Willpower chassis. My WP brute has 32.5 for all types (S/L/E/N/F/C/P ... yes, psychic too), melee radial hybrid for a defense/Regen boost, Ageless Radial for debuff protection, along with Diagmagnetic Core (up to 20%) and Darkest Night -hit debuff (~15%) for run-of-the-mill faux defense (debuff cushion double duty) and pulling. With high S/L resistance (almost 80%) and Regen (122 health/sec without hybrid, 173 with), it handles a lot in a broad spectrum of cases and damage types. Overall, it’s a great secondary with many options, cooperating with many primary power sets.
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