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  1. This. All the time. Otherwise, what’s the point? Playing to meta gets you stuck in a farm somewhere. I like the city...
  2. In addition to the above, it can depend on the primary/secondary and strategy. (And so many times yes on 8/3 for speed and pet control). I primarily run Necro/Dark (very old school). Overwhelming force in Tier 1 for knockdowns, Oppressive Gloom stacking stuns with Howling Twilight, pulling with Darkest Night in Tar Patch (holding pets back until the spawn is grouped), and so on. Target selection. Dual holds (one with the proc for boss holds, the other for problem lieutenants). Without knowing your build and primary/secondary, hard to say more. And for real, there are some combinations that just lag behind in solo play on higher difficulty (looking at you ninja/TA)...
  3. @Force Reduxgave a GREAT distillation. If you want some more tips, this guide from the legacy version of the game is quite helpful for general advice: https://dechskaison.blogspot.com/2012/01/gd-mastermind.html?m=1 Bear in mind that IO builds is an entire mini-game of its own. There are many samples of builds on these forums. Feel free to mix and match, building to your play style and preferences. One caveat, many of the builds are geared towards max-level solo play at the highest levels of difficulty. That is an edge case and not the norm, nor necessary for grouping. Welcome to the game!
  4. Good point. While I like the “free” damage, it certainly shows the age of the design. Very creative proposal.
  5. Almost any secondary would work if you drill down into your concept (drugs are result of radiation therapies twisted for illicit aims = Rad; Breaking Bad style uppers/meth = Time or Kinetics; Dark - opioid style depressants; and so on), and strongly agree that Thugs is the immediate primary you’re seeking that pairs well with almost everything. However, demons or zombies would work if you’re role playing the side effect/result of hallucinations from the illicit stock. Ninjas could be gang members that watch too much anime (which explains why they fold so fast 😂). Basically, hone in on your concept and the combination will suggest itself. What type of criminal are you building?
  6. That brings back memories (like when me and my band “upgraded” our long locks to waspafarian dreadlocks 😂 The 90s ... oh boy)
  7. @Marine X thanks for posting that! Utterly enjoyable to see!!! Were those mullets being sported?!?
  8. Of the three, Time has the most synergy. Like your FF:live experience, you will softcap your Bots with the addition of soft capping yourself to all positions with minimal/moderate set investment. You gain recharge for yourself, AOE heals for yourself and pets, plenty of slows and a smattering of -regen, a single target hold and a hold patch. You’ll also have a damage boost that can be cycled through your pets (it also boosts recharge which does nothing for your pets and regen which does little due to low HP). Finally, you some a -resistance at level 35. Basically, time + bots is VERY tanky, with far more tools than were available to you in FF. Very comfortable pairing. I’m not much of a fan with resistance or reactive secondaries paired with bots. However, your play style may be very different.
  9. Editing is the unsung hero of creativity. Keep it up! *deletes two characters in solidarity*
  10. Spitballing with you idea, have tanks lose mez protection or floor resistance when their bar drops? Force tanks to build for global recharge at the expense of another attribute? I know, it’s a counter proposal that’s obviously ridiculous, and an attempt to acknowledge the real penalty for dropping domination that any other AT would lose their minds over if they had to build around. The issue with current dominator building is that it locks all IO set players on the same path. The forums - here and legacy/live - all have the same advice: slot as many LotG uniques as you can, max out as many 5-purples (10%) as you can afford, Basilesk Gazes (7.5%) in your holds, fill in with any sets granting 6.25% bonuses, and add hasten. It’s not a skill to make and play a permadom, just a shopping list. Edit: I understand the fun aspect. If the game isn’t fun, what’s the point? I like it too.
  11. THIS! A mere recharge adjustment would go a long way to reversing its suckiness.
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