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  1. Have Ninjas been “improved” at all? I just came back a couple weeks ago. When last I checked, ninjas have: Genin 6% AOE/Ranged/Melee Defense -33.33% Confuse Duration +2.0 Confuse Protection +7.16 mph Run Speed Jounin 13% AOE/Ranged/Melee Defense -33.33% Confuse Duration +4.0 Confuse Protection +7.16 mph Run Speed Oni 6% AOE/Ranged/Melee Defense 52% Fire Resist 26% Smash/Lethal Resist -33.33% Confuse Duration +4.0 Confuse Protection +7.16 mph Run Speed You might need both Aid
  2. Ugh I think you’re absolutely correct. I guess I just *really* like /sonic 😂
  3. I’m enjoying my necro/nature immensely, but not nearly as much as my Necro/Sonic (with fire APP). Once you hit level 32 and the pets heal themselves, it’s like cruise control on moderate difficulty (tackling +1/4 at level 43, but bump up to /5 or /6 for Council missions). It’s not the most uber, but my pets are sitting at ~71% resistance minimum. I spot heal with Aid Other and heal myself with Life Drain when the situation calls for it. Bonfire with the -kb proc along with Overwhelming Force in the tier 1 is fantastic mitigation layered with all the pets’ -ToHit and Pet def IOs. Basi
  4. Thermal debuffs are pretty awesome and superior on almost all levels to Sonic (imho). Sonic on the other hand - not so good. It brings a lot of -res and little else. Liquify does interesting things, but the cool down is prohibitive.
  5. The minions still bolt from all the Rikti ground effects (mainly the monkeys). Otherwise, they’re much improved on Homecoming. Spam those GoTo macros! With resistance shields for Necro, I’d like to suggest /sonic. With aggressive slotting you can push the Pets’ resistances 80+. They heal themselves post-32. With the KD from bonfire, the overwhelming KD Proc in the zombies , and native -ToHit, it becomes VERY sturdy. Add the medicine pool (or pick up Spirit Ward from Sorcery) for additional safety. With the Diagmagnetic T3 -ToHit power, they will be effectively soft capped as well.
  6. Spencer Davis Group - Keep on Running (R.I.P. Professor)
  7. @CaptainLupisand @Generator- mea culpa! I misremembered from my fire/rad days. And honestly great news; that frees up some slotting. Thank you for the correction. Learn something every day...!
  8. It’s certainly a power that becomes more effective and valuable with more investment. It screams for accuracy (and global accuracy bonuses on top of slotting) and endurance reduction to the limit. And yes, the lockdown Proc is cool, but that Proc doesn’t go off very much under current Proc rules/chances. I see that as a YMMV option, should you have the slots to spare for the power.
  9. The posters above have given some solid, excellent advice. In addition to the above, drop Repair. That power makes hot garbage look enticing. Any other power would be better. Between Radiant Aura and the Repair Boys, your heals are covered. And Repair ONLY works on your pets, and has a looooong recharge for what it does. For a useful substitution, hasten (to increase uptime of AM and Lingering Radiation), Group Fly (snazzy with Bots!), Afterburner (LotG mule), Teleport Other (reposition your pet’s when game mechanics intrude and to help slow teammates; KB reduction mule), or Superspeed (full s
  10. Necro. Every day and every way. (Confession of severe Necro bias...)
  11. 5 votes for Mace mastery (at the time of this posting) as the worst?!?! Um... crack is wack.
  12. Eidetic memory + designer drugs enhancing computational abilities? Mastermind version of a Mentat (Dune/Frank Herbert)? So many possibilities!
  13. Bauhaus - Poison Pen (is it time yet for the Halloween music?!?)
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