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  1. Spencer Davis Group - Keep on Running (R.I.P. Professor)
  2. @CaptainLupisand @Generator- mea culpa! I misremembered from my fire/rad days. And honestly great news; that frees up some slotting. Thank you for the correction. Learn something every day...!
  3. It’s certainly a power that becomes more effective and valuable with more investment. It screams for accuracy (and global accuracy bonuses on top of slotting) and endurance reduction to the limit. And yes, the lockdown Proc is cool, but that Proc doesn’t go off very much under current Proc rules/chances. I see that as a YMMV option, should you have the slots to spare for the power.
  4. The posters above have given some solid, excellent advice. In addition to the above, drop Repair. That power makes hot garbage look enticing. Any other power would be better. Between Radiant Aura and the Repair Boys, your heals are covered. And Repair ONLY works on your pets, and has a looooong recharge for what it does. For a useful substitution, hasten (to increase uptime of AM and Lingering Radiation), Group Fly (snazzy with Bots!), Afterburner (LotG mule), Teleport Other (reposition your pet’s when game mechanics intrude and to help slow teammates; KB reduction mule), or Superspeed (full stealth with the stealth IO).
  5. Necro. Every day and every way. (Confession of severe Necro bias...)
  6. 5 votes for Mace mastery (at the time of this posting) as the worst?!?! Um... crack is wack.
  7. Eidetic memory + designer drugs enhancing computational abilities? Mastermind version of a Mentat (Dune/Frank Herbert)? So many possibilities!
  8. Excellent! Moore knock knock jokes!
  9. Bauhaus - Poison Pen (is it time yet for the Halloween music?!?)
  10. Just about any secondary would work with Thugs, at least with a minor bit of “technological” hand waving. Some are stronger than others. Storm? Massive damage. Thinking Sean Connery in the Avengers movie with a portable weather control device. Same sort of explanation with Sonic, thermal, Time, FF, Cold, Radiation, or Nature. Traps or TA? Clear tool base. Dark could be tricky, but explaining the secondary as originating from an ancient cursed totem... it could work. And let’s be real, an “ancient cursed totem” can provide a story for just about any secondary once that narrative door is opened. Hell, Family Consigliere's seem to mix super strength and gravity domination. Basically, any of this depends on the background in which you’re willing to invest. As for the suggestion above that MMS are as expensive as dominators, that hasn’t been my experience. Investment in the unique pet IOs IS very helpful: 10% def to all, 20% AOE (25% at level 50), and 30% resistance (35 at level 50) is a significant benefit. But depending on the secondary and its needs, there is a lot more flexibility with Thugs than some other primaries (mainly due to Gang War and the ability to slot the aforementioned pet unique IOs / all six can get dumped in there if you want). For example, the 2 +def uniques, along with maneuvers from the mastermind will give you defense capped pets on IOs, when you factor in the Enforcers’ maneuvers ability, with FF, Cold, or Time. Assuming you start on standard difficulty, there are certain levels in the 20s at which it becomes fairly easy to increase the challenge: level 22 (worthwhile slotting of crafted IOs), Level 24 (gain 2d tier 2 pet), level 26 (gain tier 3 pet), and 32 (second upgrade power).
  11. IT WAS!! Best team ever, for real. 🎉
  12. Great idea for a theme team! You may want to cross-post this on the Everlasting subforum. All-MMs teams are some of the most fun I’ve had in-game. One in particular, the team leader (a merc/ff) focused on selecting office maps. (If I recall, there was also a demon/cold, ninja/time, thug/kin, demons/dark, and me on my Necro/Sonic) Felt like a team of sped-up locusts rolling through everything. That team was also on Everlasting, and the Teamleader was posting about Masterminds, Inc. (I think ... it was late on a Friday night — and I may have been drinking —- so the name is fuzzy 😂).
  13. Naz Nomad and the Nightmares - She Lied
  14. Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (THIS is farming music!)
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