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  1. +1 for semantic satiation (and the well-considered proposal). More options!!
  2. Back before the shutdown, I was on an ITF with a parent and their five-year-old kid (the kid was doing a creditable job of keeping up and contributing; if I didn't know their age, I wouldn't have suspected from their play). The parent made a comment during the run that CoH was the only online game that they would ever think of letting the kid play without supervision. That one statement stuck with me long after the shutdown as a standard for the quality of the playerbase that no other MMO I've played has even come close to matching. Absolutely and wholeheartedly agree. In fact, my son (just finishing 6th grade) just created his first character today. It was one of the happiest times we’ve spent together in some time. Seeing his creativity and joy just overflowing. Wonderful. Thank you all for the good advice re chat tabs, etc... To the OP, I’m sure you have a good grasp of you child’s maturity. And if you are playing in the same room, it’s not only adequate supervision, but a great opportunity. As for a second computer, I’m constantly shocked at how little it takes to run this game if only you lower the graphics settings. My kid is playing on a real dinosaur of a laptop with no difficulties.
  3. Absolutely. Great help to so many ATs.
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