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Anyone have a good inform Ws build?

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fire up Pine's and load one of the existing Human only or Trif-form and remove what you don't want to add Dwarf.

I'd start with a Human only myself.


Why this choice of dual form? it's not a bad thing, just that if you know why you want this build, it will be easier to focus on what you want out of it. Do you want tank for survivability (oh shit button?) then focus on survfivability. Do you enjoy tanking and that's why you want Dwarf? then you will need to dedicate quite a few slots to Dwrf to make it shine. Be aware that it's ahrder to hold aggro than if you are a tanker so use the mire a lot (with some damage procs?) and slot taunt with some taunt durations and even some range.


I regularly run the summer blockbuster even with random groups and sometime ends upo the only one able to tank. Keep the AV and boss EBs on you requires a lot of clicking to alternate between who you hit on, but you can keep aggro from all 3 (and survive it, at leat once slotted).

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