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Slash Command Improvements: Abbreviations and More...

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Abbreviations for the following commands would definitely help with making binds and macros fit within the 255 character limit:

Targeting commands

Power Execution commands

Inspiration commands





window_scale   (We already have a shorter command for /window_show (/show), why not one for scale and hide? )



Of all of these, the targeting commands, monitor attribute commands, and bind_load commands are needed the most. The rest are just QoL improvements.


The Rebirth server actually did this for most of these commands https://wiki.cityofheroesrebirth.com/wiki/Game_updates/2023-02-26


New Commands


stop_monitor_attribute_all    - A missing command that would close the entire monitor attribute window.

auto_reply_invite                    - Invite the player who last sent you a private tell to your team

auto_reply_invite_league       - Invite the player who last sent you a private tell to your league

team_select_next                   - A missing command that would select the next teammate on your team

team_select_prev                   - Select the previous teammate on your team

select                                       - A missing command that selects another player on your team by name

select_global                           - Select another player on your team using their global name (useful for regular friends who switch characters  frequently)


A word about "select": There are multiple uses, use cases, and situations in which the ability to select a player, rather than target them, is preferred. It hinges on the differences between target and select. Basically, target is line of sight and has a limited range. Select is not. The most common use would be for single target support powers such as heals, buffs, mez protections, etc. Whether it only works for players in a team or also off of a team is discretionary. Since all the other select commands are team based, I'd probably stay with that theme... but it might be worth considering broadening out the command to be able to select anyone, on of off the team.



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Added "select" command
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