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  1. There's a lot of things from mechanics to quality of life that add up to make COH a fantastic experience. Taking on huge mobs feels powerful; archetypes feel like complete characters instead of functions; you can choose where to go on your journey and what content to experience per character. What it ultimately boils down to, for me, are the costumes and the power sets. Other games may have lots of options, better graphics, specific themed options, or solved graphic restrictions like long skirts with martial arts but none of them have the sheer variety of assets that COH has and the fact that costumes have no bearing on stats is a core part of what makes that work. You get to decide how your character works and looks, not the developers and not the meta. Add on top of that the powersets which you can mix-and-match, adding their own flavors to fulfilling their archetypes' niches and you have yourself a winning formula.
  2. I'd like to take the opposite side on this; powersets shouldn't be reserved for only certain archetypes. Individual powers can for both balance and flavor but an archetype should have access to some version of every powersets that they have the category for. If the archetypes are too mechanically homogenous then there's a problem with their inherents/multipliers. If the sets don't seem to match thematically then there's a problem with how people are visualizing them. Stalkers suffer especially hard from this.
  3. You can change customization options on a per-power basis. It's just going to say "Custom" at the top instead of "Bright Heroic" or "Dark Heroic."
  4. All of the armor set rezzes grant 15s untouchable - Dark, Fire, Regen, Will, even Luminous and Umbral. Looks like Renewal of Light and Return to Battle do as well. Epic pools and support I don't know about, though. Inspirations not, of course. Re-reading molten_dragon's post, there's an ambiguity to the source of the rez so I may have jumped the gun assuming they meant the self-rezzes that melee archetypes have available in their armor sets or one of the P2W ones.
  5. Does /macro_image work with custom texture not normally present in the game files? As a workaround, you could use the icons from temporary powers or ones the character unmistakably does not possess the set for (such as Luminous Blast on a non-Kheldian). Of note as well: you can use the regular /macro command and the macro's name will be used as an alphanumeric on the button it creates.
  6. Don't the armor rezzes come with an invulnerability period to protect you from that happening?
  7. Personally, I would like the option to see Statesman as the contact for the STF in Independence. Implementing it in a way that those who prefer Ms. Liberty can have Ms. Liberty, perfect. If it can be done with phasing, awesome; if it has to be done via Ouroboros, that's fine. It just feels odd missing the archetypal "red, white, and blue" hero because of the existence of iconic characters like Captain America, Superman, Optimus Prime, All-Might, and ... well ... Statesman. I don't really know of Jack Emmert aside from him being an early dev for COH and leaving for CO so, to me, Statesman has only ever been the NPC - not the avatar. Same with Sister Psyche. It looks like people have had notably negative experiences with Jack, though, so it's understandable for them to want characters in the game that are distinctly his creations to be gone.
  8. For what it's worth, some 5th or Council enemies have a chance to burst into a werewolf when near death. I don't remember which exactly. I can swear I've even seen a werewolf burst into being another werewolf.
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