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Robo or Demon?


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I currently speculate with a MM but not yet which I should take exactly to play the best solo.


At the moment I am hesitating

Robo / Dark Miasma


Demon / Dark Miasma


what is better to play solo?


My 2 question would be how well do the pets survive on + 4 * 8 missions? in teams or solo.

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If you are just running large spawns, I'd lean toward Robots/Dark.  Bots has better AoE (once you get Big Bot). But neither are bad.


Bots/Time is better due to stacking Defense, IMO, but Bots or Demons/Dark will still do the job. Demons have such good resists, though, if you stack them with /Thermal they become pretty tough - add in some +DEF IOs and you can do well with them I hear. I think Dixa may use Demons/Thermal for +3 content, IIRC.


Solo, either of the choices you asked about are good. Both Bots and Demons are the toughest minions. Defense for Bots, Resists for Demons. The rest is IOs, Incarnates and good playstyle. For Dark make sure to keep things debuffed and your heals Accurate. If you are caught without your /Dark powers active, such as in an ambush you don't see, you're a bit behind the 8 ball. Dark is a proactive set. I love it for my Necro.


Me? I'm laid back. Bots/FF makes sure I just send them in to wipe out spawns. Probably not as quickly as /Dark or /Thermal but very safely.

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