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- lost fairy accidentally founds shadow organization -


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!!theres no activities!!


Figs - the stalker super villian, endlessly looping blueside, having NEVER done some redside strike forces, missing bank robberies and casino heists, mayham missions, snake maps, f'd up maps, gold brickers, legacy chain, luddites, and just a more advanced base of affairs than occupies blue from a mob design perspective, excluding the wards.... paces around talos, and founders, street hunting...


there's no activities!


we need more activities! 


theres no friday sirens call, theres no push to redside level.


its whisps, even in port oakes or cap. like 2-3 people in zone, and all the rest hiding solo in instanced caves!


what's to be done? wither?


merge the servers? 

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there could be costume contests in cap au diablo. 


thered need to be security for the lowbies, or the lvl 2s could fight the lvl 12 mu and brickers around the central square as if they were raid mobs. 


thered be blood on the streets!  judges would assess if you look cool as a corpse pre-release.


red side is so great! but no one cooperates!


after costume contests... everyone would go to sirens call and pvp lots, and thered be leagues in the arenas, pocket d battle-with-bets... everyone would be so happy!

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