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Could (DA) Obsidian Shield's "Minimal FX" Effect Have It's Fading Part Removed?

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When I was first making my Dark Armor toon and saw that I could have some reduced/minimal fx options, I found it pretty cool--helped me perfectly go with a theme I had in mind.  When I got the power Obsidian Shield in the game however, after a few seconds, I found myself fading in and out even though I don't think that's supposed to be the case.  It makes me feel like I'm trying to communicate with Morse code, using my whole body.  It doesn't show you doing that in the preview section, though you can click "save" while activating a power to see the power continuously on, even then I didn't notice the fading in and out at the time (might be blind).


Could this small thing be corrected?  I would definitely appreciate it!  Otherwise my theme is kind of ruined for a cool toon I made... though I'll have to learn to play with it anyways since updates come out every so often

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In addition to Minimal FX, there is a No Fade or Pulse option.

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