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Water / Regen - Feedback appreciated

Myamoto Musashi

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Ok a few points. I highly suggest to use the beta server to test your chars if you like them, with Mids you can use the File-Export to Beta server and you can  lvl it to 50 right away.


That said, I would change a few IOs with your current build, some basic stuff.

Add a Celerity +Stealth Io to Sprint, thats something I do with all my chars. Helps to get notice a bit later or as an extra info, in case with Superspeed you can blitz through missions for a click unnoticed.

Switch Power Transfer Chance to Self Heal to a Performance Shifter: Chance for +End . End drain is quite high and I would rather have access to more blue

Same the one in Moment of Glory. Throw in  a Luck of the Gambler: Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed. You have only 4 and 5 is the max.

In Combat Jumping you could switch 2 Luck of the Gambler for Reactive Defense. Would give you a 1.87%hp and 1.5Resistance to S/L. 


Your are half way to the defense cap for normal content and you have only Moment of Glory to absorb alphas from a +4/8 group. I would consider to switch our 4 powers, consider them your wildcard powers that offer you to go different ways.

Pointing to your Super Jump and the 3 powers from Leadership. I found Assault is pretty weak and more of a filler. Vengence is good a group setting but solo it does nothing. Maneuvers is good but if you can't reach the softcap with it, it"s IMO of less value. So now to your options


Force of Will pool. You will get Unleash Potential with 3 slots LotG it can have 16.19%def and adds regen&rec and you get your travel power on the way. For some builds a good choice but I would go with Regen more likely with the Sorcery and get Rune of Protection and add 18.25% Resitance you could then add the Melee Core Radial for even more regen and extra resist that makes your more durable in the same way, you could add th Melee Radial for more extra defense that could go with Unleash Potential from the other pool


The 4 power could now be 2 sloted Hasten for more recharge or combat teleport or pick something from your epic pool. Psionic, Ninja and Dark Mastery are all good options.


Additional you can click in Mids and add the 4 "standard" Freedom Phalanx Reserve, Portal Jocky, Task Force Commander and the Atlas Medallion that you should add to all your 50+ chars, the are guide for it. 



Other points you could think of, do you really need the the Rectified Reticle IOs, The 2 slots could you yied a 5th for Panica Heal for the +7.5 Recharge Time and adding one Power Transfer Heal back to your build.


Then if you realy don"t need some of the slot bonues, most of the 3 slots you added are for the extra HPs, You could think if 2 slots that are boosted to +5 (in mids if you open the enhancement window that shows all the IOs, hover over the one you would to add and hit your +key to boost it then click on it) Sometimes you really want to free some IOs up to use it elsewhere.




That all said. I still not very found for regen on a Sentinal. A Brute with the "older" Instant Heal with ~3.2k hps or a Scrapper with access to Shadow Meld can migrate alpha strikes a lot better and thats what is most dangerous,......

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