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"Rescue the magicians from the Circle of Thorns" hostage not being counted


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"Rescue the magicians from the Circle of Thorns"


This is that mission that requires you to rescue 21 magicians from the CoT. On multiple occasions, I've had to autocomplete this mission, because I simply can't find that last hostage anywhere.


I think I've found the problem.


20 of the hostages are like typical hostages - being guarded by two minions in a corner somewhere.


The 21st hostage, however, is being used in a ritual.


And that hostage in the ritual isn't being counted when you rescue them.


I happened to notice it this time because I was down to only 2 hostages remaining. I rescued the hostage from the ritual at this point, and noticed that the counter remained at "2".


I rescued the last hostage, and the counter changed to "Rescue the last magician", but there were no more to be found. This particular instance of the mission didn't use a particularly complex map, so there weren't many places to hide, and I didn't find any more hostages or enemies after going over the map again.

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