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New business players power up gaming ecosystem


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Meanwhile, in Japan ...



article sections:

Profits in peripherals

Gaming furniture

Apartments wired for gaming

Innovation in the ecosystem


The section on "Apartments wired for gaming" was the most interesting to me.




And then, there is the "Gaming Mansion" — an even more ambitious lifestyle play from Tokyo-based real estate company Livlan.


The rooms feature soundproof doors and windows — the kind usually found in a music studio. That is not a coincidence ... the company has 20 years' experience customizing apartments for musicians. They remodeled some rooms for gamers. They also fitted high-voltage power supplies and high-speed internet connections.

The company says all these features are the result of feedback from gamers. Noise is a common concern. Many console jockeys like to play at night, a habit that invariably triggers complaints from neighbors.


Toguchi Yuko, a section manager at Livlan's publicity department, says the company already has an apartment building dedicated to gaming, and is on schedule to complete another one at the end of 2023. The company eventually aims to manage a total of 31 buildings and 743 rooms. More than 4,000 people are on the waiting list.


"It feels like gaming culture is starting to cross over into many areas of our lives. I hope our residential properties will contribute to this social trend."



If someone posts a reply quoting me and I don't reply, they are most probably on ignore.

Some of them even know that I have them on ignore.

But that won't stop some of them from bullying and harassing people, because some of them love to do it.

It is who they are. There is a group of them that have banded together to do it. They think that it is acceptable.

Ignore is a tool to improve your gaming experience. Don't feel bad about using it.

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