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Looking for base builder help

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Hello folks. I'm hoping to find someone who has the talent and a bit of time to help build a base. I can pay, but at this time, no more than 100 Million Inf, which I know is not a lot these days, but it's what I have after kitting out my 'mains'.  I'm not great at lighting and water or artistic placement, so could use a bit of talent on my side. Nutshell: a small-medium "Bat Cave" style industrial hideout. 


Let me know if there is any interest. Thanks for reading.

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What you're askin isn't hard it's just time consumin. Especially since it's such a cramped space to build in. I would be interested but I generally ask around 250 mill startin and that is slightly above what you have to offer. 


I would be interested if you can sweeten the pot a little. 



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No problem. I do build for other things than inf. 300 merits added to that 100 mill and we could have a deal. As I know we can't trade merits, however, you could purchase 3 of the winter sets which equals out to 300 merits. 

If you have them layin around.


Just a secondary option verses inf.



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