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Focused Feedback: Tasks Forces & Story Arcs

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Task Forces

Apex's Task Force - 'Alpha Strike'

Mission 2

  • This mission's entry text says you arrive via a helicopter, but the mission door was a portal. This has been corrected and now this mission uses the same door as Apex's first mission.


Dr. Aeon's Strike Force - 'Chasing Fool's Gold'

Mission 5

  • Emperor Requiem has shaken off his mental fog and will now properly try and destroy anybody ambitious enough to disturb his meditations.
  • Mini map added to the Devouring Earth ripple section of this mission.

Advanced Mode - Imperious Task Force - 'Time's Arrow'


  • The total count of Prismatic Aether salvage awarded by this content has been increased by :
    • Tenacious (1-Star): 4 from 2
    • Rugged (2-Star): 11 from 7
    • Unyielding (3-Star): 17 from 13
    • Invincible (4-Star): 24 from 20

Imperious Task Force - 'Time's Arrow'

Mission 3

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Romulus Phalanx computer to have a +1 Level Shift applied at all times.


Lady Grey's Task Force

  • Fixed issue with most missions in this Task Force displaying all mission objectives immediately at start instead of appearing sequentially as the mission progresses.

Hamidon Essence

  • This temporary power is now a Toggle and can now be traded if the leader wants give the Advanced Mode danger immunity to another player.
    • Otherwise this power continues to only be a visual effect on normal mode.
  • This power now has a unique power icon: TemporaryPower_Hamidon.png.9d7aa5a324308e194fe0641ce95875b0.png

Mission 1

  • Removed an invisible map object found near the elevators on the second level that had collision but could not be seen.

Mission 2

  • Rider: Famine's aura and blast attacks changed from Special to Toxic damage.
  • All four Riders now have unique individually colored costumes:


 How well do you know your Riders? 

Mission 3

  • Infernia and Glacia are now found in set locations. Infernia is encountered near the entrance and Glacia at a set position further within the mission, rather than both appearing anywhere randomly which often led to backtracking to find Glacia.
  • This mission now requires at least 2 of the 6 hostages be saved.

Mission 4

  • Weakened Hamidon & Mitochondria Electrolyte attacks changed from Special to Toxic damage.
  • This mission's map now uses the Rikti Invasion skybox.
  • Taking the hospital on this mission will return you to the Vanguard helicopter instead of back to the zone.

Mission 5

  • The Injured Vanguard Soldier at the beginning of this mission will now only say his dialog lines once instead of spamming the chat log for the entire mission's duration.


Silver Mantis' Strike Force - 'Pirates of the Sky'

Mission 1

  • Updated Tsoo Artists to better see stealth and increased their leash range.


Tin Mage's Task Force - 'The Praetorian Offensive'

Mission 1

  • This mission's door now always defaults to the Vanguard helicopter located next to Tin Mage.

Mission 2

  • Mini map added to Peregrine Island section of this mission.
  • Fixed this mission using the Cimeroran compass on the minimap.

Mission 3

  • This mission's entry text says you arrive via a helicopter, but the mission door was a portal. This has been corrected and now this mission uses the same door as Tin Mage's first mission.


Story Arcs

Agent G.'s Story Arc - 'A Faultline in the Sands of Time'

  • Fixed Penelope Yin not playing the Disable PCM Device emote in the arc finale.


Viridian's Story Arc - 'The Conference of Evil'

  • Sebastian Frost is now using his correct model in all appearances in this arc.
  • Fixed a map issue that caused the finale map Arachnos floors to not have the correct fog.
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